Getting Started with MemoryFox – Best Practices

First and foremost, thank you for choosing MemoryFox! We’re honored to help you streamline your content collection and organization process. Below are a few tips to help you get started!

1. Crafting Your “Action” Prompts

Giving you the ability to guide the content-collection process is half of the reason MemoryFox exists. For best results, consider these suggestions for crafting content requests:

  1. Craft your calls to action with the following question in mind: “How can this content be leveraged by our organization?” It’s okay to explore interesting content requests but remember your storyteller is very busy!

  2. If you want a specific content type, make it clear. For example, “Make a 15-second video shout-out to one of your colleagues” is preferable to “Make a shout-out to one of your colleagues.” This simple change will help you capture a more manageable pool of videos.

  3. Use open-ended calls to action as opposed to yes/no or either/which style questions. Open-ended CTAs tend to substantially increase user engagement.

2. Use a Website Re-Direct for Each of Your Campaigns

The best way to ensure that you are maximizing the amount of content collected is to set up a re-direct from your website. Technical instructions for setting up a re-direct can be found here. You can then just send your storytellers a simple web URL that they click on and are taken right into your custom branded app.

We’ve seen some innovative customers have as many as 5 re-directs at once! Here is how they did it:


This redirected to a list of sub-organizations as prompts (they had 125!!). This works as a permanent digital content drop location that your storytellers can use. They just go to that URL, find their organization prompt, and upload their content! That content will then be organized for you by sub-organization, which will be very convenient down the line.


This redirected to COVID specific action prompts to show proof of impact of COVID funds.


This redirected to a set of action prompts for an employee retreat.


This redirected to a set of action prompts for attendees at their gala.

You can set up as many re-directs and as many events/campaigns as you would like!

3. Put Simple Instructions in Your Content Solicitation Emails

Depending on the size and unique needs of your organization, there are several ways you can ensure your storytellers know about MemoryFox—as well as how to interact with the platform. Here are some tried and true strategies many of our current clients use:

A personalized email can quickly get all your storytellers on the same page. In the email, you’ll want to give them basic instructions that can be re-used each time you are trying to solicit content. After a few uses there will be no explanation required!


Hello Team!

We’re collecting videos showing all the great work you are doing during COVID-19. Our donors will really enjoy seeing how much of an impact their funds made. Feel free to upload videos of your mission in action, testimonials or thank you messages. This will help us not only retain current donors but also attract new donors to help us grow!

  1. Please go to <>/share
  2. only if email address is required): Enter your Name – Email & Phone number are optional
  3. (only if live feed is turned on): Check out some of the other awesome videos others are uploading for ideas! When you are ready to upload your video, press the plus icon in the bottom right.
  4.  Click the action prompt that you would like to respond to and press continue.
  5.  Tap the ‘Plus’ icon to add a video. You can either take a video live or upload from your hard drive. Depending if you are on wifi and the length of your video it may take a little while to upload! Once the upload is complete, press continue.

If you want to add a second video or respond to another prompt, select ‘Add More Stories’. Otherwise, you’re all done!

Having a simple templated email ready to go each time you request content is a great way to save time and maximize the amount of content collected!

4. Incentivizing People to Contribute Content

If you are collecting content from people who do not have an existing incentive to contribute (i.e. they are not employees or they don’t need to contribute content for fundraising), you will almost certainly need to incentivize people to upload content. People are busy so reward them for their time! When doing a public facing collection effort we recommend raffling an Amazon gift card or some other simple reward to help encourage participation. We overwhelmingly see better results when an incentive is in place!

As always, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized touch catered to the idea that no two organizations are exactly the same. We want to hear from you! Reach out to me personally at if you have any best practices that others may benefit from!