Build a Winning MemoryFox Campaign!

Follow these easy tips to build a campaign that will engage your storytellers and help them submit the best content possible.

Building a campaign in MemoryFox is easy, however there are some things to keep in mind to create a succesful campaign. Above all else, you should always keep 2 things in mind when creating your campaigns:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of your storyteller.
    • Imagine you receive the MemoryFox link in an email and go through the steps yourself. 
  2. Keep it simple!
    • The more requirements your campaign has, the less likely someone is to take the time to participate. Really think about the 1 story you want to capture and try to keep that the focus.

Keeping these 2 things in mind will help you craft a great campaign! However, there are also some tips for each part of the campaign that can help engage your community. Here are a couple of different MemoryFox steps and some tips for crafting each section!

Campaign Name and Description

Depending on how you are sending the link to your storyteller can influence how much information you put in this section. Did you send a detailed email with what you are looking for? Then you wouldn’t need too much here. However, if you only publish the MemoryFox campaign link, then it is good to include the following information in your Campaign Description:

  • Why you are running this campaign and asking for their story
  • Why their submission is important (Why should they participate)
  • What their submission will be used for

The goal is to incentivize their participation and make them feel like a part of your mission.

User Fields

Use the User Field to help you gather information about your community and organize your submissions. However, keep in mind that many communities will not respond well to a ton of requirements.  A good rule of thumb is:

If you are worried about participation, keep the fields to a minimum!

Calls to Action

This is the most important part of your campaign and should be the area you spend the most attention! Much like the above rule of thumb, if you are worried about the participation, then stick with having only 1 very straightforward Call to Action for your community to respond to. There are also some great things to keep in mind when crafting any Call to Action:

  • Call to Action Name
    • Make the CTA name as specific as possible. Your story teller should be able to quickly and easily come up with a response in their head. For example, a vague CTA name could be:
      • “Tell us about your experience in one of your programs”
    • Instead, try to give them something concrete to discuss and let them know how you would like them to respond:
      • “Record a short video telling us about the best part of your experience with our Giving Tuesday Program”
  • Further Instructions
    • Use this space to give any specific submission instructions you may have. You can also use it to give examples of responses to help your storytelling quickly come up with a response!
  • Submission Type Check Boxes
    • Make sure that your allowed submission types go with the question you are asking. Want a video response? Only check the video box. 

With these easy tips you can create amazing MemoryFox campaigns for your community to engage with!