Tips for Making the Most of MemoryFox at Your Event

A basic gameplan before your event can make everyone get more out of MemoryFox.

First and foremost, thank you for choosing MemoryFox to make your event unforgettable! Our app was designed with people just like you in mind, and we want to make sure everyone at your event can use our app to its full potential. Below are a few tips to keep in mind when incorporating MemoryFox into your event:

Crafting Your “Calls to Action”

Giving you the ability to guide the content-collection process is the entire reason MemoryFox exists. For best results, consider these suggestions for crafting content requests:

  1. Craft your calls to action with the following question in mind: “How can this content be leveraged by our organization?” Although you want to live in the moment of the event, you also want to stay focused on how to utilize the content after it’s all over.

  2. If you want video, make it clear. For example, “Make a 15-second video shout-out to one of your colleagues” is preferable to “Make a shout-out to one of your colleagues.” This simple change will help you capture a more manageable pool of videos.

  3. Use open-ended calls to action as opposed to yes/no or either/which style questions. Open-ended CTAs tend to substantially increase user engagement.

Making Sure Your Attendees Know How to Access the App

Depending on the size and format of your event, there are several ways you can ensure your attendees know about MemoryFox—as well as how to interact with the platform. Here are some tried and true strategies many of our current clients use:

Trigger Emails

A personalized trigger email can quickly get all your attendees on the same page before the event.

At Check-In

Having a reminder about MemoryFox at check-in can significantly boost engagement while also providing basic troubleshooting assistance.

Table Tents

Having a tent set up to assist with the platform can further ensure that your attendees will get the most out of MemoryFox.


While you have their attention, a quick presentation about MemoryFox will reinforce details about the platform and provide an opportunity to answer any questions.


A friendly reminder about MemoryFox from an MC can lead to a noticeable spike in engagement.

Incentivizing Your Attendees to Contribute Content

Your attendees have busy lives and might need some gentle prodding to get them to maximize their content contributions. One great way to encourage attendees to contribute to any event is with a raffle, which can be quickly and efficiently done utilizing MemoryFox. Forget filling out slips of paper with contact info and instead have attendees use MemoryFox to be eligible for the raffle. All attendees will have to do is submit their email address and they will be only a click away from contributing valuable content to the event with MemoryFox.

As always, we pride ourselves on providing a personalized touch catered to the idea that no two organizations are exactly the same. For further assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team with questions about how to get the most out of MemoryFox.