Book Chris Miano of MemoryFoxBook Chris Miano:

Chris Miano is the Founder/CEO of MemoryFox. Chris was rated a Top Speaker at the Raise 2023 Conference and presented at Community Boost’s The Unthinkable Nonprofit Marketing Summit and the 2023 Keystone Nonprofit Conference. Chris has taught webinar for Achieve Causes and Brooklyn Org. He has also been featured on The Philanthropy Masterminds Series, What The Fundraising Podcast, Wreaths Across America Radio and numerous NXUnite Panels.

As a veteran, Chris brings a unique perspective to every speaking opportunity. He spent eight years in the Army traveling around the world and learning about the power of storytelling as a tool to connect with people across many cultures, generations, and socio-economic backgrounds.

Chris’s favorite topics to discuss are:

  • Video storytelling & how nonprofits can easily start collecting great video stories
  • The importance of authenticity and elevating community voices
  • The value of short-form stories (Springsteen Stories vs. Star Wars Stories)

Book Carly Euler: book memoryfox speaker carly euler

Carly Euler is the Marketing Manager at MemoryFox. Carly presented at the Horizons National Annual Conference, and has taught webinars for MotivateMonday with Pamela Grow, The Nonprofit Partnership and Auctria, and has been featured on The Nonprofit Podcast and Handbid. Carly has also participated in panels hosted by Donorbox, the Philanthropy Masterminds Series, and is a regular contributor to NXUnite Panels.

Carly spent nine years in the nonprofit world where she specialized in marketing, communications, special events and fundraising. Storytelling has been an integral part of each role.

Carly’s favorite topics to discuss are:

  • The 2023 Ethical Storytelling Report: results & insights to enhance your storytelling, ethically
  • How to incorporate storytelling into every aspect of your fundraising events: before, during & after
  • Out-of-the-box nonprofit storytelling & great stories from every department at your organization
  • How to create engaging short-form videos for TikTok, Reels & beyond

Book natalie monroe memoryfox speakerBook Natalie Monroe:

Natalie Monroe is the Community Engagement Manager at MemoryFox. Natalie presented at the 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference and Community Boost’s Radical Impact Nonprofit Marketing Summit. She has taught webinars for Tactical Thursdays, Civic Champs, Zen Ideas and participated in panels hosted by Donorbox and Feathr. Natalie has also been featured on The Intentional Fundraiser Podcast.

Natalie landed in the nonprofit world with the military-to-agriculture movement, where she told the stories of veterans turned farmers feeding our country. Here she embraced content creation and the power of video messaging.

Natalie’s favorite topics to discuss are:

  • How to bring missions to life through the incredible power of visual storytelling
  • 360 degree stewardship & how stewardship goes far beyond your donors
  • The importance of building a nonprofit community to boost donor retention

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