A Guide to Ethical Storytelling

A Guide to Ethical Storytelling
Ethical Storytelling can be a complex notion to adopt into your marketing strategy if you don’t ask the right questions or have the right resources. But what is Ethical Storytelling? And what kind of resources help with Ethical Storytelling? We’ve compiled an industry-standard definition as well as resources from our MemoryFox Partners to help you in your marketing plans! 

Ethical Storytelling is the practice of both telling and assessing a story through the lens of its stakeholders. The story’s stakeholders can be anyone from its subject, audience, or anyone impacted by the story itself and/or the telling of the story.

To tell a story ethically, you must ask yourself questions such as:

  • Who tells the story, and how is this person or group represented?
  • What does the subject of this story gain or lose by having the story told? Will this person or group be exploited?
  • What are the benefits of telling the story, and who receives them?

Questions such as these are the beginning of the Ethical Storytelling process; tools and resources can help you develop this process further. Want to learn more about Ethical Storytelling from storytelling experts themselves? Check out some of our MemoryFox Partners:

1. Caliopy Glaros, Philanthropy without Borders

 Caliopy is the Founder of Philanthropy without Borders, a boutique consulting firm that helps mission-driven organizations engage their supporters, fortify operations, and mobilize resources to tackle the world’s toughest problems. Philanthropy without Borders uses storytelling, donor engagement, and donor immersion to help mission-driven organizations engage their supporters, fortify operations, and mobilize resources.

Learn more about Caliopy and Philanthropy without Borders here.

2. Michael Kass, Story and Spirit

Michael Kass is the CEO of Story and Spirit, as well as an international facilitator, consultant, and healer who works with organizations and individuals to weave a new story that brings us into greater connection with ourselves, each other, and the wider world.

From witnessing the power of story, deep presence, and even a simple breath to facilitate transformation, he has developed a unique approach that brings together elements from coaching, a decade-plus of breathwork facilitation, storytelling, and earth-based practices to support his clients in stepping into a more aligned, vibrant, and vital future.

Learn more about Michael and Story and Spirit here.

3. Sabrina Walter Hernandez, Supporting World Hope

Sabrina is the CEO of Supporting World Hope. She is a certified consultant, coach, and facilitator that helps small nonprofit Staff & Board build relationships that convert into more donations. If you are looking to identify how to increase your fundraising or how to engage your board in fundraising but don’t know where to begin, Sabrina’s expertise can get you started.

Learn more about Sabrina and Supporting World Hope here.