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We asked 20+ storytelling experts & boots-on-the-ground nonprofit professionals your toughest questions regarding ethical storytelling, trauma-informed language, privacy & consent. Learn their strategies now:

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Ethical Storytelling Features

MemoryFox is the #1 ethical storytelling technology tool for nonprofits. Here are just a few of the features that ensure the most ethical experience for our storytellers:

  • Accessibility: Opportunity to share story where & when you are comfortable, from the comfort for your own device.
  • Unique Campaign Description: Understand how your story will be used, prior to submission.
  • Consent: Built-in, editable consent form & consent removal option.
  • Privacy: MemoryFox never owns your content.
  • Customizable Calls-to-Action: Craft prompts using your community’s preferred strength-based language.

Narratives With Integrity Series

MemoryFox is committed to providing equitable, accessible educational opportunities through our quarterly "Narratives With Integrity" panel series, featuring storytelling experts answering questions asked directly by the nonprofit community.

Check out our upcoming events & past panel recordings:

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Narratives With Integrity: Collect Consent With Confidence

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Narratives With Integrity: Building a Culture of Ethical Storytelling

memoryfox narratives with integrity series exploitative storytelling


Narratives With Integrity: Rising Above Exploitative Storytelling

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Narratives With Integrity: Exploring Stories That Do No Harm

LinkedIn Group

Let’s learn from each other! Join a community of over 170 storytellers from around the United States and beyond. This is a judgement-free environment to post your questions, opinions & suggestions surrounding ethical storytelling (i.e., trauma-informed language, privacy, consent, changing the narrative, avoiding stereotyping, etc).

We encourage voices from anyone involved in the nonprofit sector.

Join today!

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Additional Resources

We are committed to continue learning alongside our community. Here are some additional resources from trusted partners that we highly recommend:

Trusted by Hundreds of Mission-Driven Organizations to Collect, Organize & Share Stories Ethically & Authentically: