MemoryFox makes storytelling easy by providing equitable pricing based on your organization’s revenue.

Accessible to nonprofits of any size

Equitable Pricing

Based on your your annual revenue, using your nonprofit's most recent 990 form

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Equitable Pricing
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Still have questions?

  • What are the storage limits?

    Every MemoryFox account comes with unlimited storage to collect unlimited videos, photos and written testimonials directly from your community. You can also bulk upload all of your existing content files to your MemoryFox Story Bank.

  • Can I have multiple collection campaigns running at once?

    Absolutely. MemoryFox is designed specifically for this function! Every account includes unlimited campaigns that can run simultaneously.

  • What happens to all of my content if I leave MemoryFox?

    We hope you don't leave! But if you choose too, you still own all content that is collected using MemoryFox. You'll be able to download everything before you go.

  • How is all my content organized as it all starts flowing in?

    Videos, photos and written testimonials collected through MemoryFox are tagged and organized at the point-of-capture, which means it auto-populates in your MemoryFox Story Bank. Your most recent submissions populate at the top, and then can be sorted further in several ways, including campaign, prompt, user, custom tag, date range.