Guide Story Collection

Build branded collection campaigns to generate a secure and shareable link and distribute to your community. They simply click that link and submit their pictures, videos, and stories.

  • No download or account setup required
  • Capture contact info and easily manage consent
  • Redirect storytellers back your website once they finish

Organize Stories in Real-time

Your storyteller’s submissions are automatically organized at the point of capture and populate at the top of your story bank.

  • Organize campaigns by program, grant cycle, event. etc.
  • Create and manage unlimited campaigns
  • Easily migrate all your existing content

Share Your Community Story

Turn your most compelling videos and pictures into stunning visual stories or reports.

  • Download high-quality original submissions
  • Use our drag and drop landing page builder
  • Leverage our Canva integration
Simply put, Community Generated Content is all of the pictures, videos, and words your dedicated community is saying about your organization.

It’s the memorable moments you don’t want to miss.

They’re helping craft and tell your story.

The problem? It’s challenging and time consuming for you to even find those stories, much less organize and share them.

With MemoryFox, you can easily collect those stories through a secure, guided and custom-branded platform. You’ll be better organized to share authentic and relatable content, reach more people, and grow your impact.