1. Guided Content Collection

Build branded campaigns & distribute to your community. They simply click the link and submit their pictures, videos, and written testimonials.

  • No download or login required
  • Capture contact info
  • Manage consent, including consent removal
  • Redirect back to your website
organize memoryfox storybank how it works

2. Organize Content

Submissions automatically populate at the top of your MemoryFox Story Bank.

  • Tag content by program, event, use, etc.
  • Bulk upload all your existing content
  • Enjoy unlimited campaigns & storage

3. Share Your Stories

Turn your most compelling content into stunning videos, social posts or reports.

  • Combine & trim videos with our Video Editor
  • Use our Story Builder to make shareable webpages
  • Download high-quality original submissions
  • Leverage our Canva integration

You’re doing incredible work.

But when it comes to telling great stories, nonprofits like yours have three barriers:

“Collecting content from our community is like pulling teeth.”

“Organizing content is frustrating and very time consuming.”

“We need a more efficient and modern way to share our story.”

Bring your mission to life with powerful stories collected directly from your community with MemoryFox.