How it Works

We partner with grantmakers to provide equitable access to our storytelling resources, so that the nonprofits in their network can more effectively collect, organize, and share community-generated content. This program empowers nonprofits to:

  • Demonstrate their impact and efficacy
  • Highlight their DEI initiatives
  • Engage with their constituencies
  • and so much more

Grantee Benefits

We build the program alongside our Funding Partners to meet the unique needs of their nonprofit community. Our programs generally include:

  • 12 Month MemoryFox Subscription
  • Access to Dedicated Customer Success Team
  • Access to all MemoryFox Resources
  • Dedicated Campaign and Design Support

Funder Benefits

In addition to fostering a culture of innovation and contributing to a more resilient nonprofit community, our Funding Partners also receive:

  • 12 Month MemoryFox Subscription
  • Usage and Impact Reports
  • Realtime Visibility into Grantee Stories
  • In-Platform Sponsorship Recognition

Join Our Capacity Building Program

We partner with Grantmakers to provide equitable access to MemoryFox, so that every nonprofit can easily collect, organize, and share the community-generated-content they need to tell better stories and move their organization forward.

Become a Funder

Looking to build storytelling capacities for nonprofits in your community? Connect with someone from our Capacity Building team to learn more about the program.