Capacity Building: Taking Your Nonprofit to the Next Level

memoryfox capacity building for nonprofits

This event took place on Wednesday, May 17th at 12 pm EDT / 9 am PDT.

Capacity building is critical for nonprofits who aspire to broaden their impact and elevate their organization to the next level. This panel brings together experts to discuss strategies to reinforce the abilities, resources, and efficacy of your team in pursuit of your mission. Join us to learn how you can build a stronger, more resilient organization!

What was discussed?

  • Importance of nonprofit capacity building in organizational development
  • Best practices in implementing capacity building initiatives
  • Tips for creating financial sustainability and stability
  • And so much more!

Who should attend?

While we firmly believe that anyone in the nonprofit sector could benefit from learning the importance of nonprofit capacity building, nonprofit leaders and staff will find this panel the most pertinent.

Meet the Panelists:

Chris Miano, MemoryFox: Chris Miano is the Founder of MemoryFox and an Army Veteran with 2 tours overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan. During his time in the Army, he learned about the tremendous power of storytelling to connect with people across many cultures and socio-economic backgrounds. After returning home to Buffalo, NY he went back to school to achieve a Masters in Business Administration from University at Buffalo with a focus on Finance and Entrepreneurship. It was there that he turned his passion for storytelling into a software platform that helps nonprofits share their story by elevating the grassroots stories of their community.

Sherry Quam Taylor, QuamTaylor, LLC: Sherry Quam Taylor works with growth-minded Nonprofit CEOs who are scaling their organizations but still need larger amounts of general operating support to accomplish their Strategic Plans. She breaks their teams free from the limitations of transactional fundraising and helps them reimagine their entire approach to revenue generation. The high-performing leaders Sherry works with need more unrestricted revenue from investment-level donors. As a result of learning her methodology, Sherry’s clients regularly add 7-figures of gen-ops revenue to their bottom line by learning how to attract investment-level donors that WANT to fund their work.

Stephanie King, Redpath Consulting Group: Stephanie King bridges the gap between the tech nerds and the rest of us. She has spent a decade working as a Salesforce consultant, helping nonprofits leverage cloud technology to support their mission. Stephanie King is a 7x certified Senior Salesforce consultant on the Nonprofit practice team at Redpath Consulting Group. With a background in Language, Art, and Education, she has come to appreciate the power of technology to empower nonprofits to create more good in the world.

Monique Parker, Little Bit of Good: Monique Parker is the Founder of Little Bit of Good, a capacity-building accelerator program and foundation serving Black led non profits in Texas. Little Bit of Good strives to increase awareness and action around the funding and resource inequities in the nonprofit sector, more specifically experienced within the Black population. Its mission is to equip and support Black nonprofit leaders with the strategy, resources and capital necessary to create sustainable and scalable impact within their communities through capacity building initiatives.