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About the Code of Support Foundation

Changing lives by connecting military, veterans, caregivers, and families to the support they have earned through their service and sacrifice!

The impact of military service is carried by Veterans for the rest of their lives. Although philanthropic generosity and government programs can provide community support, many Veterans still end up in a state of isolation. Meanwhile, family members and caregivers share the challenges of active-duty service and transition to civilian life. Taking aim at these battles, the team members at Code of Support cut through the red tape, break barriers, and help to bridge the gap between our nation’s heroes and the support they need. Whether it’s an assist in searching for a job in a difficult economy, connecting families to free and fully vetted resources, or linking a service member up with the right remote healthcare, Code of Support continues to make a difference when it is needed the most.

When a Veteran transitions to civilian life, core government programs provide only a limited amount of guidance, which is typically centered around civilian employment. From there, military members and their families are mostly left to figure everything out on their own—a dilemma often complicated even further by injury, isolation, and underlying conditions.

But instead of sifting through an assortment of programs that may or may not be a good fit, Code of Support’s free tool (PATRIOTlink) is specifically designed to cater to the individual. On PATRIOTlink, each Veteran and Caregiver has their own journey, making customization, resource vetting, and geographic mapping a part of each individual plan. Code of Support backs up its resource bank with personalized one-on-one support for those who need additional assistance.

Speaking to this complexity, Kim and Chris Brown explain the informational gaps that can delay resources and programs reaching service members. After Chris, a wounded army Veteran, transitioned out of active duty in 2015, Kim initially had difficulty finding the appropriate support for her husband, landing in a state of isolation as they met roadblock after roadblock. “Just as time went on, we realized that there were really different levels of support our family needed to navigate post-injury.” Kim often found programs that seemed like a good fit, only to realize they didn’t serve Veterans with her husband’s condition.

After struggling to locate the right services by search engine, PATRIOTlink ultimately became the partner they needed to ensure they connected with the right resources, allowing them to forge a new path forward as they transitioned to civilian life. For Veterans used to being models of self-sufficiency, which can make asking for help difficult, the vetted support system of COSF and PATRIOTlink became a game-changer.

The COVID Impact

The inescapable impact of COVID-19 has also shaken up the Veteran community in innumerable ways. From job and healthcare insecurity to the direct effects of illness, COVID has made the already-critical job of connecting Veterans to resources that much more essential. Chris Brown is just one of many Veterans furloughed during the pandemic, leaving the family in a state of uncertainty as they dealt with delayed unemployment benefits and further red tape. Unemployment and furloughs have especially hit persons of color and Veterans with underlying conditions, whose military service provides little shelter from wider systemic barriers.

But even in a dark and uncertain moment, the humanity of the donor network is pointing toward light at the end of the tunnel, giving Code of Support the necessary tools to maintain support for families like the Browns. COSF’s donations have actually gone up during the pandemic; in some critical areas of support, grants have exceeded contribution requests. With strong support from partners, a digital tool calibrated for Veterans regardless of discharge status, and remote staff who are Veterans or caregivers themselves, Code of Support has been able to meet the challenge of serving Veterans and their families while they combat a whirlwind of uncertainty.

Code of Support Foundation’s Path Forward

In no better place can the possibilities of better service be seen than in connecting Veterans to healthcare and telehealth. Like with Americans across the country, many Veterans are starting to use telehealth for the first time as COVID changes the very face of healthcare. Despite limitations placed on physical appointments, Veterans are able to stay on top of both their physical and mental health with virtual appointments from the safety of their homes.

When it comes to the instrumental mental-health portion of a Veteran’s health, Code of Support is also firmly committed to getting Veterans the help they need. To that end, Code of Support recently teamed up with Google to take aim at suicide-prevention among Veterans, an always-important battle made even more critical during the trying times of a global pandemic. The one-on-one approach COSF brings to the table is designed to tackle every Veteran’s unique situation and connect them with the resources that can help them flourish in both the short and long term.

Get Involved

Although donations are the lifeblood of COSF, monetary contributions are only one way to show support for American warriors and patriots. From participating in events supporting Veterans to donating your skills and time, there are countless ways to assist the Veteran community and honor their sacrifice and dedication. With COSF’s 99 ways to get involved, it’s incredibly easy to make a contribution that can make a fundamental difference in the lives of service members and military families.

For more info about Code of Support and the services they provide, check out their 2020 Impact statement or directly make a donation. To immediately get help for you or a loved one, COSF’s help page provides a variety of ways to take the first step.

On behalf of the Code of Support Foundation and their partners, we thank you for your interest in standing with those who stood for us.