Aspirational Communication Webinar with Doug Hattaway

Join the MemoryFox Community for a FREE webinar with Doug Hattaway. On this webinar Doug Hattaway will introduce you to the Aspirational Communication Model which provides a systematic, science-based approach to communicating with maximum motivating power. By using the Aspirational Communication Model you will tie personal aspirations of your audiences to transform attitude and perspectives.

Doug pioneered Aspirational Communication, which was featured in a Stanford Social Innovation Review cover story about the historic marriage equality movement and Truth anti-smoking campaign, which “transformed public attitudes by connecting their causes to the personal aspirations of their audiences.”

About Doug Hattaway

Doug founded Hattaway Communications to help visionary leaders and organizations use the power of strategy, science, and storytelling to achieve ambitious goals for people and the planet. A storyteller by training—in journalism and creative writing—he is passionate about adapting insights from the social sciences to enhance the power of strategic communications.