Community Foundations: The Unsung Heroes of Your Community

Despite minimal fanfare, community foundations are the lifeblood of the local community now more than ever—and the critical funding backing them represents much more than just numbers on a spreadsheet. Inspirational stories and real-world community impact are the essence of every dollar donated through a community foundation, making it essential to capture the user-generated content that showcases philanthropy at its best. Today, MemoryFox is proud to partner with community foundations as they focus on their commitments to a new generation looking to overcome obstacles and continue on a path toward a brighter future.

Impact of Funding and an Eye on Tomorrow

In order to weather whatever storm comes their way, community foundations plan for the long term in order to get the most out of every charitable donation. In the competitive modern world, an integral part of this pursuit is being able to organize and promote the stories organically generated by the various grants, scholarships, and programs.

In order to continue attracting the next generation of donors to their causes, foundations look to create a seamless process for collecting text and videos directly from the grant beneficiaries themselves. Utilizing MemoryFox’s easy-to-use platform, content can be effortlessly (and securely) captured and organized so that it can be leveraged in telling stories that everyone can be proud of.

The user-generated content then provides a vivid portrait of the funding’s impact, allowing future donors to see in technicolor how their donations will directly affect the grantees. As community foundations focus on hitting long-term benchmarks in order to have the greatest possible impact from their funding, a modern platform (that doesn’t even require a download) is just one of the tools to keep the entire operation on track.

The Next Generation of Donors

Every generation has new hurdles to clear, and right now community foundations are laser focused on tackling the next wave of issues affecting the community. As what are called ‘Client-Advised Funds’ (or sometimes Donor-Advised Funds), community foundations need to speak the language of a new generation of donors accustomed to a virtual world that connects previously separated communities. With storytelling content organized in one place, younger donors can witness first-hand how their funds are put to good use no matter what an unpredictable world throws at the community.

It’s this glimpse into the inspirational stories of grantees that helps establish instrumental connections between donors and the community foundations on the frontlines. By vividly demonstrating that a foundation is there to aid those most in need during a current crisis like COVID-19, a donor can get a visceral understanding of the importance of investing in a foundation’s infrastructure over the long haul. Once one crisis is finally surpassed, community foundations will be counting on donors to help them prepare for the next one.

Security and Privacy with a Cloud Content Management System

Safety and security are always critical when it comes to generating and storing content—especially for organizations dealing with deeply personal topics. While it’s important to organically generate plenty of high-quality content first and foremost, guaranteeing privacy and security for that content is equally as important.

With MemoryFox’s secure private cloud content management system, organizations can have confidence that all generated content is completely under their control. This process allows groups to securely streamline content that editors and marketers can easily turn into inspiring, community-focused campaigns that align with the organization’s individualized goals. As we all adapt to a new world where cyber security and privacy are indispensable, donors will naturally tilt toward community foundations that have the right security platforms.

The Next Step

For a community foundation, one of the best ways to help secure the future is by showing how funding is spent in the present. There are great stories in other places too – everything from council members to board members to employees. With content featuring real faces and real stories, easily managed in a secure cloud platform, foundations can confidently focus on illuminating just how important their work truly is. As community foundations continue their role as the unsung heroes of local neighborhoods, proving the impact of funding with the right content strategy is how foundations can keep their fingers on the pulse.

MemoryFox’s platform is designed to be an important ally in this ongoing battle to provide critical assistance when communities need it the most. For more about MemoryFox’s user-generated content platform or cloud content management system, setup a meeting with a team member or send us a message with your questions.