Episode 10: Building a Culture of Mentorship at Your Nonprofit with Brenda Jimenez-Peralta

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“Begin with the end in mind.” – Brenda Jimenez-Peralta, CEO of MENTOR NY

Brenda Jimenez is a seasoned professional with over 20 years of experience transforming non-profit organizations into better led, viable, and financially stable service providers. Listen in as we discuss mentorship and the power of storytelling as a capacity.

About MENTOR New York

For over 25 years, MENTOR New York has leveraged its expertise in relationship development and program management to advise and train its partners about how to start, manage and improve quality youth-facing programs (largely mentoring programs).

MENTOR New York believes you matter: the teacher, the coach, the program coordinator, the supervisor, the librarian, the C-Suite executive, the bus driver, etc. Any person who interacts with young people has the potential to be more intentional about how they interact and build relationships for the betterment of themselves and young people in their lives. We believe you matter. We know mentoring matters. And MENTOR New York can bridge the gap between you and mentoring.

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