Building a Culture of Ethical Storytelling

narratives with integrity building a culture of ethical storytelling memoryfox june special event

How can I encourage senior leadership to employ ethical storytelling in their communications?

How do I teach my team to use ethical storytelling when interacting with the people we serve?
Are there ways to educate my audience about anonymity & privacy?
Is it ok to say “Here is why you won’t always see personal stories from our members”?
What do you recommend to say to stakeholders who request “poverty porn”-style stories?

As a nonprofit professional, you may believe in telling stories that do no harm to your community, but it is common to feel pressured to continue unethical storytelling practices from outside forces. How can you create a culture of ethical storytelling that spans across every aspect of your nonprofit, when you already have SO much work to do?

You’re in a tough spot. We hear you, and we know these are not easy questions to navigate. But, we do know incredible people who are ready to share their strategies and insights with you!

Join us for the third installment of our “Narratives With Integrity” series – a MemoryFox Special Event on Tuesday, June 11th at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT, led by MemoryFox’s Chris Miano, to discuss strategies to build a culture of ethical storytelling with our expert panelists:

Our guests have a plethora of varied experience and knowledge about these challenging topics, and they are ready to share their strategies and insights with you.

We want YOUR QUESTIONS to lead the way! The entire session will be built using questions submitted by YOU prior to the event. Please submit your questions NOW regarding how to change work culture, build an ethical storytelling community, and remove exploitative narratives from your communications. We will ask our expert panelists live.