Measuring Success: Data-Driven Storytelling for Nonprofits

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This event took place on Tuesday, November 14th, 2023.

In today’s competitive landscape, measuring and sharing your nonprofit’s impact in a compelling way is crucial for fundraising and brand recognition. There are two impact measurement categories nonprofits tend to use: quantitative and qualitative. However, the combination of impact numbers and great stories is where the real magic occurs! 

Join us Tuesday, November 14th to gain invaluable insights into the art of blending quantitative data with qualitative stories to create a compelling narrative that resonates with your prospective donors and your greater community. 

This session will be broken down into three crucial parts:

Part 1: Sheri Chaney Jones, Founder/CEO of SureImpact, will guide you through the process of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data effectively. She’ll discuss the key output and outcome measures all nonprofits should be using to increase your funding.

Part 2: Chris Miano, Founder/CEO of MemoryFox, will explore the power of storytelling, powerful stories that showcase your nonprofit’s achievements and demonstrate the tangible difference you’re making in your community. 

Part 3: Finally, Sheri and Chris would love to answer your questions! We encourage you to submit a question when you register, as well as come prepared with your specific inquiries about data, storytelling and how to begin implementing a data-driven storytelling strategy at your organization. 

We can’t wait to help enhance your organization’s ability to raise funds and elevate its brand awareness. See you on the 14th!

About the Speakers:

Sheri Chaney Jones is the CEO/Founder of SureImpact. For more than 20 years, Sheri Chaney Jones has worked alongside foundations, non-profit, and government leaders to help them use data to solve complex social problems and increase revenue. An author, professor, and internationally recognized measurement expert, Sheri believes in data, metrics, and accountability.

Chris Miano is the Founder/CEO of MemoryFox. Chris was born and raised in Buffalo. He spent eight years in the Army traveling around the world and learning about the power of storytelling as a tool to connect with people across many cultures, generations, and socio-economic backgrounds.

When he returned home from Afghanistan, Chris thought about his grandfather who was a WW2 veteran, and how cathartic it would have been to have him around to share stories with. This inspired Chris to create MemoryFox. The organization started as a way to capture the life story of his elder family members, and eventually grew to support mission-driven organizations.

Chris has made it his mission to elevate the stories of real human beings. He believes that through storytelling with grassroots community-generated content, the world can become a more inclusive and equitable place for everyone.