Digital Storytelling to Empower P2P Fundraising

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Get ready for a packed episode where we sit down with digital storytelling guru Kristy Wolfe! Kristy shares her riveting background story and how she got hooked on the art of storytelling. We explore the juicy details of what makes a story great and how to craft a compelling one that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats.

With the impact of digital technology, we dive into the endless opportunities for digital storytelling in the future and get a sneak peek of Kristy’s epic process from start to finish. Buckle up as she share on her approach to choosing the perfect medium for each story. And of course, we wrap it all up with the ultimate advice for aspiring digital storytellers.

About Our Guest:
Kristy Wolfe is a digital storytelling facilitator, photographer, and a Wolfe Pack Warrior. She believes there is beauty in every story and she champions real stories in marketing and communication. Kristy exposes the human side of any organization, with consideration for ethics in storytelling as well as storyteller wellness every step of the way. As a Common Language DST Certified Facilitator, Kristy’s digital storytelling process helps social purpose organizations share meaningful stories, turning their unique experiences into compelling narratives that inspire action.

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