Video is NOT the Future. It is the NOW.

memoryfox donorsearch conversation event

Watch us LIVE on Tuesday, September 19th at 3:30 pm EDT / 12:30 pm PDT on “Philanthropy Masterminds” hosted by DonorSearch

About the Session: Nonprofit organizations need video to elevate their mission and meet (and exceed) their goals. But there are barriers to collecting, organizing and sharing community-generated content (CGC). As a result, nonprofits continue to put “video creation” on their long-term to-do list – instead of making it a priority. Does this sound like your organization?

Join Chris Miano and Carly Euler from the MemoryFox team, as well as one of their inspirational customers, Kylie Lyman of Horizons National, for a panel-style conversation about the power of video storytelling. They have seen firsthand how nonprofits like yours use the power of video to: enhance fundraising, amplify special events, create a connected internal culture, build program strategy, harness program feedback, execute their mission, and more!