Effective and Efficient: Breaking Down Marketing Strategies for Your Nonprofit

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Marketing strategies are top of mind for all of us this time of year. Are you ready to be more effective and efficient with yours? Tune in as our host Celine Krzan digs into tips to help you optimize your marketing efforts with special guest Lindsay LaShell.

Celine & Lindsay chat: 

  • 5 questions to ask before you write your next newsletter.
  • Rethinking your social media strategy.
  • Mastering the art of delegation.
  • The power of saying “no” (and meaning it!)

About Lindsay: Lindsay Dayton LaShell is a Marketing Activist and the creator of the Open Lines Marketing Framework. Her work is to advance justice, equity, and sustainability through access to excellent marketing strategies for women, indigenous, queer, or POC founders, B Corps, and nonprofits. Through workshops, speaking gigs, and consulting, she’s helped thousands of organizations reevaluate and realign their marketing strategies to be more empathetic, efficient, and effective. To see what she’s up to, follow her on LinkedIn or subscribe to her newsletter at open-lines.co.

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