From Survey to Solutions: Insights from the Ethical Storytelling Report

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NEW DATE: Join us Thursday, May 23rd to discuss the survey results & actionable insights from MemoryFox’s 2023 Ethical Storytelling Report

In 2023, the MemoryFox team identified a prominent pattern. At every speaking engagement, no matter the topic, style or audience, our team received a version of this thoughtful question: 

What do I do if the people I serve have sensitive stories that they might not want to share? 

And – truth be told – we didn‘t have an answer we felt certain about. We knew we had a lot to learn. So, we embarked on a learning journey that led us to creating the 2023 Ethical Storytelling Report – a 74 page report jam-packed with insights from 20+ storytelling experts and boots-on-the-ground nonprofit professionals. 

Join us Thursday, May 23rd, as Carly Euler deep dives the report. She’ll discuss takeaways from the survey results, as well as actionable strategies that nonprofits can use today to elevate their storytelling practices to compete in today’s attention economy. Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your storytelling approach ethically and authentically!

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