Unleash the Fundraising Frenzy: Turbocharge Revenue with Dynamic Events and Auctions!

Watch now! This recording took place Wednesday, July 19th at 2 pm ET.

Does your next event have an auction component? Then this is a webinar you don’t want to miss! It’s time to level up your fundraising events and raise more than ever before with insights from Laurie Hochman at Auctria. You might know the basics, but how can you ensure you’re making the most informed decisions? Save your precious time by listening to the experts!

In this webinar, she will share their best practices on:

  • Choosing the right event and auction fundraiser type
  • Event and auction revenue enhancers that are easy to use
  • How to plan, run and close a nonprofit fundraising auction

Auctria will be bringing real-life examples to inspire you for the next fundraising event. Bring along the whole team and let’s have some fun!