Giving Tuesday: Engagement Guide

Giving Tuesday has become a global movement across the nonprofit sector. A day based on generosity and shared humanity.

How can your brand stand out on Giving Tuesday? It is critical to be thoughtful about how you drive engagement in your mission and, as a result, generate more dollars for your cause.

6 Tips to Maximize Engagement for Giving Tuesday

1. Set Clear Goals for Your Giving Tuesday Campaign

Talk to your development team and make sure you have a clear goal in mind. If it is a specific dollar amount, a number of new donors, or a percentage of returning donors, it will allow you to focus your campaign messaging.

When you set a specific fundraising goal, it has been proven to drive urgency for donors. People want to help you meet your goal!

Don’t forget the power of storytelling as you set your goals. It can be helpful to tie an impact goal with your fundraising goal. This can be anything from: ‘$5 dollars purchases three pairs of socks to keep our clients warm’ or ‘this year we collect 500 backpacks for students in need’. Donors want to know their donation makes an impact.

2. Engage with Your Audience

Find ways to highlight your long-time donors and new donors that come into the fold. Find ways to shout them out on Facebook or send a note of appreciation before and after they donate. Take time to reply to their comments on your social posts and work in fun ways for people to engage with your brand.

3. Use Social Media to Share Your Story

We all know social media’s importance in today’s giving culture. Try new ways to engage with your audience, share a client story, get a donor to talk about why they give, an employee to share a moment of inspiration, go live with your Executive Director to answer questions, or talk about your mission. Video is so important, and it doesn’t need to be overproduced. Take out your phone and get someone to share something impactful or noteworthy with you.

4. Communicate Early and Often

Email is often the easiest way to communicate with your donors early and often. Get some emails in the queue before Giving Tuesday to talk about your mission and how much their support means to the work you do. Send a Happy Thanksgiving message from your team. Share your goals for Giving Tuesday and direct them to the places they can give.

5. Thank Your Donors

Saying ‘Thank You’ is one of the most important things we can do as nonprofit leaders. Send your Thank You emails and find time to reach out to donors and volunteers through a quick phone call after Giving Tuesday. Gratitude is a core for not only this season but for all the work we do in the nonprofit world. Share your joy and your thanks with everyone around you.

No matter what you do before Giving Tuesday, it is crucial to have a strategy after the donations come in. A campaign to thank your donors will help strengthen your relationships with them and help them feel engaged and valued! This is where we can help. Sign up for a demo to learn more.