Authentic Convos: Great Storytelling From Interview to Appeal

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This event took place on Tuesday, July 9th. Watch the recording now!

Do you struggle to find compelling, emotional stories for your appeals, newsletter, emails or social media posts? 
Do you feel worried when you have to get on a call or meet with a donor, volunteer or beneficiary to hear their story?

Join us Tuesday, July 9th for a thoughtful session from Rachel Zant, Writer & Storyteller at Pen with a Purpose, where we explore the process of taking a story from interview to appeal. With 20+ years of experience, Rachel is an expert in crafting compelling narratives that really work for nonprofits like yours! If you’re looking to learn helpful tips to gather and tell your stories from a unique perspective, this is the session for you!

In this session you will learn:

  • How to conduct an authentic interview that invokes feelings, not just facts.
  • How to tell an emotionally compelling story that connects with your donor’s feelings
  • How to elicit emotion to ultimately raise more money for your important cause.

What’s even better? Rachel has set aside extra time to specifically answer questions YOU are ready to know more about. Please submit your questions during registration, and we’ll do our best to answer them all!

About the Speaker:

A direct response expert, Rachel has been helping nonprofits raise more money for their important causes for almost 25 years. Her passion is writing engaging and emotionally inspiring copy that helps donors see clearly how their loving gifts help make our world a better place to live. She’s written thousands of direct mail letters, newsletters, emails and landing pages for nonprofits around the world, and conducted hundreds of interviews with donors, beneficiaries, volunteers and staff. 

Rachel is a highly sensitive person: a big feeler and dreamer who doesn’t always fit in with the status quo. Small talk in a crowded room filled with people wearing suits? No thanks! Sign her up for meaningful conversations about feelings and how humans are desperate for more authentic connections.