Guest Webinar Guidelines & Standards

MemoryFox is delighted to have webinars led by thought-leaders and change makers in the nonprofit sector! Webinars should focus on best practices, case studies or other information that would be viewed as educational to nonprofit marketers, fundraisers and communications professionals. Overtly promotional content is not welcomed. Here are the guidelines & standards we commit ourselves to, and would appreciate from you.

Preparation & Promotion: 

Together We Will: Agree on a date and time to record the webinar.

What We Do:

  • Send you the registration link/webpage at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • Send you personalized graphics. Including,
    • Registration Link featured image, Horizontal Rectangle (also can be used for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
    • Instagram Square (also can be used for LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook)
    • Instagram Story, Vertical Rectangle
    • Instagram Reel with music & animation (also can be used on Facebook Reels, TikTok, YouTube Shorts)
    • NOTE: If you prefer another size graphic, please let the MemoryFox marketing team know. We are more than happy to provide!
  • Post to our Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter accounts.
  • Send you our social media links for easy shareability. 
  • Highlight webinar in the MemoryFox e-newsletter, sent monthly.

What We Ask of You: 

  • Provide a webinar title and short description at least 3 weeks prior to the event.
  • Please post the registration link (with provided graphics if applicable) at least twice prior to the event to generate excitement! 
  • Tag MemoryFox when you post.
  • Please send your slides to the host at least 24 hours in advance of the presentation. We will add our intro and outro slides to your deck.



We use Zoom to host our webinars. You will be sent login instructions ahead of the scheduled presentation date. You will show your slides via a screenshare of your computer. Audio can be through the phone or computer. 


All sessions are recorded. Webinar recordings will be posted on the MemoryFox website and MemoryFox YouTube channel. 


Sessions are one (1) hour long. Here is our preferred flow of content:
0-5 minutes: Introductions (host)
5-45 minutes: Guest Presentation (guest)
45-55 minutes: Q&A (host/guest)
55-65 minutes: MemoryFox Rep shows quick demo for anyone interested

As a guest, you are expected to contribute 30-45 minutes of prepared content and participate in about 10 minutes of Q&A.

The host will begin with four (4) slides:

  • Title slide (welcomes attendees)
  • Hello from MemoryFox!
  • Technical “housekeeping” slide (explains recording/slide distribution, encourages chatting, etc.)
  • Guest bio slide (introduces the guest and reads a short bio)


Q&A is moderated by the host. The host will flag questions as they come in during your presentation, or submitted to the designated MemoryFox campaign prior to the event. When you conclude your prepared slides, please “pass” things back to the host to begin Q&A.


Attendees can enter any question or comment into the chat at any time! Please try to avoid answering questions as they come in – wait until the formal Q&A session at the end and the host will curate questions


You are encouraged to include your contact information and any promotional links at the end of your presentation. Special offers, coupon codes, links to downloadables, etc. are all encouraged.

Event Day

Please log into Zoom 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.


What We Do:

  • Post the webinar recording to the MemoryFox website and YouTube within 24 hours.
  • Send you the registration list, with attendees and non-attendees indicated.
  • Collect participant feedback and send you a MemoryFox Story link with all feedback combined.
  • Send you the links where the recording will live.
  • Post the recordings on pertinent social channels and tag you. 

What We Ask of You:

  • Share the links on pertinent social channels once within 3 days of the initial recording.
    • Please tag MemoryFox.
  • Consider resharing links, or reposting MemoryFox posts, 1-4 weeks after the event.
  • You are encouraged to send a follow-up email to the entire registration list (feel free to segment by attendees and non-attendees) that includes another call-to-action.
  • Please do not bulk-subscribe the entire list to your communications, but instead give them an option to opt-in.

Example Webinar Promo Materials:

mallory erickson memoryfox webinar