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Elevating Diverse Voices: Using MemoryFox to Prioritize DEI Efforts

Each year through its partnership with corporate sponsors, Hiring Our Heroes facilitates multiple fellowship programs for veterans, in which the transitioning service members are placed in internships and often convert to full-time employment. Hiring Our Heroes wanted to highlight the experiences of female veterans in particular to give them a platform to share their story as well as encourage more female participation in this program.

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Diverse Voices Elevated


How'd They Do It

See how Hiring Our Heroes used MemoryFox’s Collection and Story Builder Tools to easily provide a platform for their diverse veterans to share their stories.

1. Requested Testimonials

In previous years, the team at Hiring Our Heroes rarely collected video testimonials from their veteran participants, leaving them with little means of sharing the impact of their fellowships let alone highlight their diverse voices. They now use MemoryFox to easily create dedicated video collection campaigns that make it easy for the corporate sponsors to see the impact their financial support is making on a personal level.

2. Collected 1000+ Videos

Using MemoryFox, the team at Hiring Our Heroes was able to easily collect more than 150 video responses from each of their fellowship cohorts. Because it is so easy to submit and organize content, Hiring Our Heroes now has a massive content bank in which they can use for marketing, sponsorship, and DE&I campaigns.

3. Curated Their Responses

To elevate the voices of female veterans, Hiring Our Heroes was able to easily create branded story pages using our “Story Builder” tool using the content they collected. They were then able to share that story with the corporate sponsor who financed each specific fellowship. Individual videos were utilized for social media, e-marketing, and meetings with corporate sponsors.

Mona Dexter

"MemoryFox has proven to be a valuable tool for our programs. It provides us the ability to share impactful stories with our partners."

Mona Dexter

Chief of Staff | Vice President, Operations and Communications.

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