The Best Holiday Marketing Idea this Season

Employees, donors, volunteers, grant-makers, leaders from the smallest local missions to the largest run NPOs are all given the same thing this time of year, time to reflect. Which is why now is the perfect time to make space for storytelling from your community. CGC (Community Generated Content) or more commonly known in the for-profit world as UGC (User Generated Content) doesn’t have to just come from your program beneficiaries, volunteers and donors. Staff and employee stories that recount prideful moments throughout the year is an authentic way to show the value and story behind your brand.

5 reasons why storytelling is the best holiday marketing idea this holiday season:


1. Holiday Marketing that Works All Year Around:

You can use these stories all year and it engages the authentic and vulnerable content that really speaks the truth of your mission. When your team is in hustle mode the rest of the year, they likely don’t have the time and energy to share at this level so taking the time now is a gift that will keep giving.

2. Timing is Everything

The holidays are a time of reflection and people are in the spirit of giving. This time of year, people understand the assignment.

3. It’s Vital

If you haven’t yet or in a while engaged stories from your community about the core of your organization’s existence you are missing out on the most influential and authentic content you can possibly share.

4. Morale Boost

It will allow employees to remind themselves and think about their purpose, re-centering them for the year to come. If we don’t take the time to refuel and revisit the “why,” it gets lost in the shuffle and can cause burnout.

5. Recruiting

If you’re looking to hire and build your army up, testimonials of why the soldiers are in this fight with your organization– word of mouth – is the ultimate recruitment tool.

The 12 Days of Sharing can be administered in a few ways. Our favorite is, of course, to use a MemoryFox campaign to streamline this content, making it simple and intentional. Check out our holiday season promo if you’re interested in getting started for free. Below is an example of a 12 Days of Sharing campaign that you can use right out the gates! Other, more manual ways to collect these stories is setting up a google form, sending direct emails to your employees, or setting up a tablet at your holiday party with printed directions on what to say and how to record.

No matter how you do it, now’s the time. Putting a little bit of energy encouraging your staff to reflect now will be a gift to your organization that gives for a lifetime.