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Video Fundraising: Combining Stories to Educate & Elevate

79 of Kentucky’s 120 counties are a child care desert. This lack of accessibility, compounded with the rising costs of child care, means the 4 out of 5 children of Kentucky do not receive the safe, supervised care they need when school is not in session. I Would Rather Be Reading (IWRBR) is a nonprofit facing this issue head-on by providing equitable access to high quality literacy and social emotional learning across eight locations in Louisville, Kentucky.

Through their Educate & Elevate Program, IWRBR witnesses the enormous strides the children make every single day, and they look forward to broadening their impact by expanding to new locations. To do so, they needed a way to bring the children’s infectious spirit directly to potential donors at fundraising events. With the Hearts for Hope Impact Breakfast forthcoming, they made plans to craft a magnificent impact video. That’s where MemoryFox came in.


Incredible Videos From Children


Raised at Impact Breakfast

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1. Collecting Impact Stories From Children

While impact numbers are compelling, IWRBR knew the best way to demonstrate their mission in action was to ask those benefiting the most - the kids! Program staff began collecting videos from multiple site locations by using three simple prompts, including: What is something that you feel you've gotten better at since coming to Educate & Elevate? They were thrilled to receive 50 meaningful, thoughtful video submissions!

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2. Organizing With MemoryFox & Editing With Canva

IWRBR used MemoryFox’s organizational tools to sort the videos based on the prompt the child answered and chose the pieces they wanted to include in their final video project. Then, using MemoryFox’s Canva integration, IWRBR seamlessly dragged-and-dropped their chosen videos to a Canva project and began editing their design. To make their video as impactful as possible, they used a combination of statistics that demonstrated need and storytelling that proved the tremendous impact they have already made!

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3. Sharing With Prospective Donors

IWRBR hosted their Hearts for Hope Impact Breakfast where they launched their latest fundraising campaign to support the Educate & Elevate Program. They shared the finalized video up on the big screen, and captivated the room! With the inclusion of this impact video, they were able to raise more funds than ever before - with an incredible $17,525 raised in the room, and $15,000 at a follow up meeting with a new major donor that was invited to the breakfast. Which was 75.25% greater than their original goal for this event.

i would rather be reading memoryfox success story

"We’ve never done this before, and I don’t think we would have thought to do this before MemoryFox. It just makes it easy to capture what we need to capture in a time-conservative way. And we actually get to show event attendees the kids we work with. It’s so important for people to actually meet our kids."

Ashley Dearinger