Peer-to-Peer Fundraising 101 with Jennifer Bingham

storytelling with a purpose podcast peer-to-peer fundraising 101

In this episode of Storytelling With A Purpose, our host Carly Euler sits down with Jennifer Bingham,  the Director of Special Projects at Code of Support Foundation (COSF) . It’s an extra special day because Code of Support is our FIRST MemoryFox Storyteller to join us on the podcast. Jennifer shares her background and how she found her way to nonprofit storytelling and COSF.

Jennifer explains how Code of Support utilizes the peer-to-peer fundraising model to support military and veteran families in crisis situations. She shares some inspiring success stories from past campaigns and discusses common challenges that arise during peer-to-peer fundraising and how to overcome them.

About Our Guest:
Jennifer Bingham is the Director of Special Projects at COSF, where she leads cross-cutting projects for both the Advancement and the Programs Teams. Her specialty is in grant writing, grant management, and social media management as well as project management.

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