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Using Individual Experiences to Bring Their Mission To Life

Linc Housing changes lives by building affordable and supportive homes for low-income families, seniors, and special needs populations throughout California that provide a foundation for prosperity and wellness. They understand that simply placing a roof over someone’s head does not guarantee success. Instead, when you take the time to understand an individual’s needs and goals, you can equip them with the experiences and resources they need to grow and prosper.

To date, Linc Housing has developed nearly 9,700 apartments for over 13,500 residents. In 2023 alone, 96% of residents in new Linc supportive housing communities reported positive change in at least one area of their lives after one year in residence. With 2024 being Linc’s 40th anniversary, they accumulated high milestones and cultivated resident experiences. Their staff saw the success of their mission in action every day, but they sought an innovative way to convey it with visual storytelling. That’s where MemoryFox came in.

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How did they do it? The Collect, Organize & Share Method:

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1. Collecting Resident Experiences

Linc Housing knew they had a plethora of stories at their fingertips, they just needed a procedure for collection. To ensure success, they took three major actions. First, they provided training for staff on how to make a submission to MemoryFox. Second, they made it a requirement for program staff to submit 3 photos and 1 video every month. Third, they hosted a “launch day” meeting to review guidelines and expectations prior to starting their new processes. These planning efforts amounted to major success, resulting in over 3,000 photos submitted to one campaign from more than 550 individuals.

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2. Using Tags To Stay Organized

With this massive influx of content, Linc Housing utilized MemoryFox’s tag feature to differentiate the stories in three ways. First, they used common keywords, like "food", "volunteer" and "health" to summarize the type of content. Next, they used location tags like "Youth Empowerment - Education - Summer Club" to sort by date and place. Finally, they used tags that indicate how they plan to use the content, like "2023 Impact Report".

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3. Sharing Their Mission in Action

Great stories are meant to be shared! That’s why Linc Housing regularly distributes their stories for internal and external use. Every month, they highlight 8 “Meet Our Residents” images on a Story Page, built with the MemoryFox Story Builder. These images are shared internally through a company Teams chat and externally with the page embedded on their website and through features on their social channels. Additionally, they host a “Smile of the Month'' series, where they find different “smiley” residents to showcase online, as well as share these impact stories in fundraising appeals, educational literature and promotional collateral.

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"From a staff perspective, we have always understood the incredible impact our programs have in our community, but we’ve never been able to share that impact visually. With MemoryFox, it is simple to capture the essence of our mission & share it with eager donors."

Geetika Sharma

Communications Associate