Capture The Moment: How to Use MemoryFox at Your Next Event

Picture this: You’ve just pulled off your fundraising event without a hitch. The energy was high and the atmosphere was inspiring. Your attendees showered you with compliments and donations. The event was exactly as you imagined, and you are feeling deeply accomplished. Your only regret? You didn’t capture all those magical moments in real time. 

Just think of all the content you could have had!

As nonprofit professionals, we know stories are tools that inspire, engage, and bring about change. Great stories have the power to bring your event to the next level by leaving an unforgettable impression on your audience and be useful in your content strategy beyond just that evening.

But several challenges can hinder this process:

  • It can be tough to gather quality content, including consent, from event attendees.
  • The task of organizing collected content can be daunting and time-consuming.
  • Sharing these stories in a modern, efficient way is often overwhelming.

This is where we can help! MemoryFox is a game-changing tech solution designed to facilitate seamless storytelling at your events.

What is MemoryFox? memoryfox at events

MemoryFox is a technology solution designed to help nonprofit organizations and event coordinators collect, organize, and share stories directly from their event attendees. With MemoryFox, you can easily curate impactful narratives, helping you boost your event’s reach and impact. This blog post explores how MemoryFox makes it easier than ever to collect event-based stories.

How Does MemoryFox Work at Events?

MemoryFox simplifies the storytelling process at events with its simple 3 step “Collect, Organize, and Share” method:

Step 1: Streamlined Content Collection. MemoryFox lets you create customized campaigns specific for your event. Just share the campaign link directly with your attendees or display the provided QR code at your event where everyone will see. 

With this campaign, attendees can easily share their photos, videos, and written testimonials using any device, without the need for downloads or account setups. Additionally, MemoryFox ensures upfront consent collection so you’ll be 100% certain the content is safe to use as you see fit.

Step 2: Efficient Content Organization. Once your attendees submit their content, it automatically appears in your MemoryFox Story Bank, organized with the latest submissions at the top. You also have the flexibility to categorize and tag the content per your needs. Consider tagging by event type, expected use, volunteer experiences, etc. Plus, with unlimited storage and a bulk upload feature, managing your current and future content becomes effortless.

Step 3: Sharing Your Stories. With MemoryFox, you can convert captivating content into stunning visual stories or reports. Use the platform’s intuitive drag-and-drop Story Builder tools to create an embeddable web page. This is a great way to display multiple stories in one place to send as a follow up to your event sponsors or donors. 

And now with our video editor, MemoryFox Storytellers can combine, rotate, flip, trim, and crop videos without ever leaving the platform. No need to download and learn a new complicated video editing software, or worry about those pesky social media watermarks that deprioritize your video when cross-posted.

Instead, all your organization’s video projects can be stored in MemoryFox, with easy accessibility for your entire organization to use in your next fundraiser, social media post, or integrated into your next Canva project (Yes, we are integrated with Canva!).

Who Uses MemoryFox at Events?

MemoryFox has been a go-to platform for hundreds of organizations spanning various industries to enhance the storytelling aspect of their events. From community foundations to universities, and from food banks to summer camps, MemoryFox’s use extends beyond just your event management team. The platform can be leveraged in numerous innovative ways, such as collecting attendee testimonials or showcasing staff videos during the event.

Organizations have started using “Story Booths” (as opposed to photo booths) at events and conferences. It’s as simple as using a tablet where people can share their stories. Picture yourself stepping up to the booth, tapping the screen, and just like that, you’re telling your story. It’s like sharing stories around a campfire, but without the dirt or hassle!

What Types of Stories Could I Collect?

With MemoryFox’s unlimited storage – the sky’s the limit! Here are just a few examples of the types of content that your organization could collect at your next event.

Attendee Experiences: You can ask your attendees… 

  • Why do you support our nonprofit? What do you find most impactful about our mission?
  • What do you enjoy most about this event? Would you consider coming back next year?
  • What are your thoughts on _____? (Food, music, auction items, venue, décor, theme, etc.) 
  • Who invited you today? How did you first hear about our organization?
  • What is one thing you learned about our mission today?

Stories of Reflection: You could ask the loyal people who attend your event year after year…

  • How many years have you joined us? Why do you keep coming back? 
  • How have you seen this event grow over time?
  • What most excites you about attending our event every year?
  • Would you be willing to share your connection to our organization?
  • How does this year’s event compare to year’s past?

Volunteer Testimonials: You could ask your hardworking advocates…

  • What inspired you to help out our organization today?
  • How has volunteering for our organization impacted your life?
  • Would you be willing to join us again next year?

What Do I Do After I Collect My Event Stories? 

MemoryFox offers a variety of “share” tools – like the MemoryFox Video Editor, Story Pages, and Canva integration – that empower your team to turn your most compelling submissions into moving, impactful content. You can utilize the collected content in various ways, including:

  • Donor appreciation & stewardship
  • Event promotion for the next year
  • Sponsorship & grant applications
  • Board meetings presentations
  • Event strategy & execution
  • Social media engagement
  • Annual reports

MemoryFox is more than just a technology solution; it’s a storytelling tool that allows you to collect, organize and share compelling stories directly from your community. Use the power of MemoryFox now to make your events even more engaging and unforgettable.

About the Author

Celine Krzan
Community Manager, MemoryFox

Celine has storytelling in her bones. A theater major, she is well-versed in the power of words and emotion. She is extremely dedicated to the WNY Region economic and job development, giving others the opportunity to pursue their passion and develop through the arts.