Maximize Impact with Mission Moments in Nonprofit Marketing

As nonprofit marketers, we hear constantly how important it is to highlight our Mission Moments. But, what exactly ARE mission moments, and how do we use them to maximize impact?

Sabrina Walker Hernandez, CEO of Supporting World Hope, nonprofit marketing expert and mission moment advocate gave us the following advice in our June 2022 episode of Storytelling With A Purpose:

“Kick off each board meeting with a “mission moment.” Share client stories. If you like ask clients to share their own stories. If you run an animal shelter, bring somebody furry or feathery to the next board meeting. If you have a museum or art gallery, bring an artifact or artwork and share the story. If you conserve land, prepare a slideshow or video of the places you protect. Your goal is twofold: one, stories help the board stay connected to your nonprofit’s purpose, two, you can help board members build a database of stories they can share in the community, especially with prospective donors.”

It all starts with building a bank of Community-Generated Content and working these mission moments into your marketing strategy. 

By collecting impactful stories from your clients, volunteers, staff, board of directors and donors you can create a clear connection between the mission of the organization and the communities you serve. 

Here are a few ways you can integrate your mission moment storytelling into your marketing efforts: 

  1. Share Written Stories: Share stories of how donations have made an impact in the lives of those the nonprofit serves. Focus on the individual stories of those who have been impacted. Tune into our webinar with Michael Kass where we talk about collecting stories in an ethical way.
  2. Use Video: Use videos to show the impact of donations. These videos can be used on social media channels, in emails, or on your website. Take time to connect with your fundraising and client-facing staff. Put a plan together to collect video throughout the year during your nonprofits programs and events. You’ve seen plenty of “photobooths” – it’s time for a “videobooth”!

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  1. Feature Donors: Feature donors in mission moments to show appreciation for their contributions and build relationships. Use donor testimonials to understand WHY they give to your mission, specifically. A personal connection between donors and the mission is absolutely essential for donor retention.

Mission moments are a powerful tool for nonprofit marketers and fundraisers to build relationships, engage donors, and share impactful content with your community.