Successful Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Includes Your Money Story

There’s lots of power in donor-to-donor conversations. It’s been said, people give to people. So then HOW do you inspire your community to successfully invite others to financially support your work? 

Whether you have people organizing a personal campaign to raise money on behalf of your organization, or your grandchild invites you to financially support their school, or you have an extensive solicitation committee raising funds for your capital campaign there is often a missing ingredient in the ask. 

I believe defining your money story is the missing ingredient. Your money story is simple: What must you raise from philanthropy this year vs. where are you today in fully funding your mission? scooter fox memoryfox

Here’s the recipe for sharing a clear, powerful, inspiring money story to equip those peer to peer fundraisers with what they need to be successful in their fundraising on your behalf:

1. Make it Visual

As with most stories, adding visuals brings your money story to life. Infographics make it simple to specifically highlight the impact of annual gifts, to show your donors how far their dollar goes. An image is especially helpful when staff and board members feel uncomfortable talking about money. Your image can do the talking for them. Don’t forget MemoryFox is fully integrated with Canva

2. Tell the Truth

Don’t be afraid to tell your supporters the exact amount that annually comes from philanthropy.   Each year you know you have an exact amount you must raise. Don’t be afraid to talk about the specifics! Share “what it takes” to do your important work. 

3. Share Funding Updates Regularly

If there’s been a change in funding streams, share that information with your supporters. Don’t “hope people give” or expect them to know what it takes per program, per week, per month. Be transparent if you lose a large contract, grant, or have to cancel a fee-based event. You may be surprised how supportive they’ll be.

4. Create Mini-Campaigns 

Annual fundraising goals can be daunting. Breaking down the big goal into multiple mini-campaigns throughout your fundraising year keeps people giving. Sharing bite-sized quarterly updates or campaigns helps your community feel like they are making a difference all year long. The added bonus is when you spread your mini-campaigns throughout the year it removes some of the year-end anxiety of reaching your annual fundraising goal.

5. Framing the Message is Key

The way you share your money story key. A message about what money makes possible is inspiring. A message about how “badly” your organization is doing or how much you need help is uninspiring. Pay attention to your word choice and be clear what money makes possible. Share what can be done together to allow your supporters to fulfill their own aspirations and increase their impact.

6. Fill in the Gaps

By sharing “what’s missing” you provide an opportunity for supporters to fill in the gaps and make a difference. By sharing the gaps between known sources of funding and what it actually takes to deliver your quality services and programs, your community learns how they can increase their own impact. This makes it easier to invite monthly or multi-year gifts. 

Helping your community know with certainty what it takes to fully fund your mission is key to generating larger contributions and exceeding your fundraising goals.

6 tips for sharing your money story memoryfox lori jacobwith

About the Author

Lori L. Jacobwith
Founder, Ignited Fundraising 

The sweet spot of her work is to help organizations put a face on their impact by sharing inspiring, ethical mission moment stories. For more than 35 years Lori has had a laser focus on helping nonprofit staff & board members implement fundraising solutions that put ease and joy into raising money. To date, she’s helped nonprofit organizations raise more than $500 million. Public speaking & training remain her passion in her quest to fulfill her personal mission of helping as many nonprofit organizations as possible exceed their annual fundraising results.