Nonprofit Conferences Happening in 2022

Are you wondering if there are any Nonprofit Conferences Happening in 2022? Lucky for you MemoryFox found a bunch of conferences for your organization!

Nonprofit conferences are the best opportunity to learn from peers and industry leaders. Whether it’s best practices for soliciting donors and volunteers or watching a demo for the latest marketing technology, there’s an abundance of opportunities available to help grow your nonprofit.

We rounded up the nonprofit conferences for 2022 that are on our radar, many of which you can enjoy in person or from home!

Please note: this list is evolving and currently only represents conferences for the first half of 2022. Nonprofit conferences for the second half of 2022 will be added as they are announced.

1. Pro Serve IT’s #Empower2022

When: January 26, 2022

Where: Virtual

#Empower2022 is a full-day virtual conference dedicated to Nonprofits and registered charities, both small and large, to help them be empowered to scale their mission. With four audience streams – Leadership, IT, Fundraising, and Marketing – #Empower2022 aims to ensure that nonprofits and charities have the knowledge they need to achieve their goals and objectives.

More information about this most-attend conference can be found here.

2. ANA Nonprofit Federation Winter Conference

When: March 2-4, 2022

Where: Orlando, FL and Virtual

The 2022 ANA Media Conference, presented by A+E Networks, is the preeminent forum to discuss the industry’s most pressing media issues, including data and privacy, measurement, supplier diversity, transparency, CTV, and more. Over the past 10 years, this conference has grown to be one of the industry’s seminal events, breaking the media transparency story in 2015 and bringing together senior advertising leaders to tackle the industry’s latest trends and greatest challenges.

3. NTEN Nonprofit Technology Conference

When: March 23 – 25, 2022

Where: Virtual

If you haven’t been to the NTC yet, forget what you think a conference is or what other conferences are like. This is a conference the NTEN way. This means every aspect of every day is planned with our community, focusing on accessibility, equity, and inclusivity. Whatever your job, role, or life experience is, you are welcome — in fact, you are encouraged! — to bring your whole self to the NTC. From racial affinity spaces to meditation sessions and even virtual art galleries and live music, being in community is central to NTEN’s values. Be yourself, be engaged, and you’ll be smarter and happier for attending the NTC. Learn more about the conference here.

4. Good Tech Fest

When: May 17 – 18, 2022

Where: Park City, Utah and Virtual

Good Tech Fest is a conference about how to have an impact with technology. From data science to agile development to mobile applications, technology has the potential to support and scale the efforts of nonprofits, government, philanthropy, and social enterprise. There are risks we must address and mitigate. Skills we must develop. New ways of operating and being that we must design. Check out everything you can expect to find at this conference here.

5. Salesforce Nonprofit Summit

When: May 17, 2022

Where: Virtual Park City, Utah and Virtual

Join the Second Annual Nonprofit Summit from anywhere in the world on May 17, 2022 (Americas / Europe, The Middle East, and Africa) and May 18, 2022 (Asia Pacific) for a dynamic program full of inspiring speakers, practical tools and the latest in Nonprofit Cloud innovations. In this conference, you’ll explore the impact that relationships and technology have on the global community. You can learn more about the agenda here.