Data-Driven: Harnessing the Power of Data in Nonprofit Decision Making

data-driven nxunite memoryfox jennifer bingham

Join Jennifer Bingham, VP of Operations at MemoryFox, for an inspiring, informative panel discussing data-driven decision making. This panel took place on Wednesday, August 30th at 3 pm EDT, hosted by NXUnite.

Calling all nonprofit changemakers! In a world overflowing with data, effectively harnessing its power is paramount for nonprofits to optimize programs, evaluate outcomes, and allocate resources wisely. Whether you’re a nonprofit leader, program manager, or passionate about data-driven insights, this panel offers invaluable knowledge and practical guidance. Join us and discover how data can elevate your nonprofit’s decision-making and propel your organization toward its goals!

What will be discussed?

  • Benefits of using data to support decision-making for nonprofits
  • Common challenges nonprofits face when handling data
  • Best practices for managing data