20+ Places to Share a Story for Your Nonprofit Event

The VERY best way to cause people to take action is to cause them to FEEL something. Putting a face on your mission with a powerful story does just that.

But are you leveraging ALL the ways you can humanize your mission before, during, and after your fundraising events? This fun infographic was created to inspire you to share more stories as you get ready to ask people to give money. I’ve identified more than 20 places you’ll want to share a short mission moment story. Here’s a sneak peek at part of the infographic:

nonprofit event memoryfox

Whether your focus is advocacy, environmental, human service, education, religion, or any other amazing focus on changing the world you absolutely have stories to share. There is an end user of your work and there are hidden storytelling heroes on your team.

One of the most powerful storytellers I’ve met was part of the janitorial team at a large nonprofit in New Orleans. The stories Henry shared, from his years of observing lives being changed brought me to tears. He was a gruff older man whose whole demeanor softened when he spoke about clients he’d met. Guest feedback the year Henry spoke at the annual fundraising event was that he was the best testimonial speaker, ever. 

Want more inspiration? Check out this success story from a client who took it seriously to inspire guests at their summer golf outing. They were thrilled when their fund-a-need goal was tripled! 

Don’t forget: short video stories or testimonials are one of the most effective way to share short inspiring stories. Be sure you’re allowing others to see those videos you’ve captured with the MemoryFox platform.

So, whether it’s an indoor gala or auction or an outdoor walk-a-thon or golf outing share stories to remind your supporters how a life is changed when they make a contribution.

About the Author

Lori L. Jacobwith
Founder, Ignited Fundraising 

The sweet spot of her work is to help organizations put a face on their impact by sharing inspiring, ethical mission moment stories. For more than 35 years Lori has had a laser focus on helping nonprofit staff & board members implement fundraising solutions that put ease and joy into raising money. To date, she’s helped nonprofit organizations raise more than $500 million. Public speaking & training remain her passion in her quest to fulfill her personal mission of helping as many nonprofit organizations as possible exceed their annual fundraising results.