5 Exciting Reasons to Use MemoryFox, According to Molly

In the realm of philanthropy, every story carries the potential to inspire change. 

Industry experts have found that fundraising campaigns that contain video raise 114% more than those that don’t. But we know firsthand that many nonprofits experience barriers to collecting videos, photos and written testimonials directly from their community. Then, once collected, keeping stories organized and accessible to their entire time can be extremely time consuming. Finally, having the tools to share your community stories in a compelling way can feel overwhelming to the point where they give up or reuse the same story again and again… 

But here at MemoryFox, we know every nonprofit has great stories to tell, and we believe our tool addresses these barriers to collecting, organizing and sharing community-generated content head-on. And here’s the thing – you don’t have to take our word for it. 

Molly Beck Dean is the Director at WeGo Together for Kids, a nonprofit whose mission is to support and enhance the health, safety, learning, and social-emotional well-being of children and families through a collaborative, coordinated, and comprehensive approach for the West Chicago community. The MemoryFox team had the pleasure of meeting Molly at the 2023 Nonprofit Storytelling Conference, where we showed her how our tool could elevate her brand through great stories told directly from the children, families, partners, staff, volunteers and supporters. Now, two months into her MemoryFox storytelling journey, she shared with her community the five reasons she’s excited to use our tool. Graciously, she allowed us to share her thoughts with you! Let’s hear what she had to say:

The 5 Reasons Why Molly is Excited About MemoryFox

  1. It’s easy for users. People don’t need to create an account or enter tons of personal information. They can complete a campaign submission in under 2 minutes!
  1. Participant stories are hard to collect. “Send me those software integrations memoryfox blackbaud  pictures!” I’m not sure how many times I have said that at an event and then never received any, or forgot to follow up. Or I ask “Can you share how this program impacted you?” and scribble down their response on a piece of scrap paper from my bag which I then misplace. MemoryFox is an easy way to get participants to submit pictures, videos and text reflections in the moment or in a follow up communication.
  1. Shared content. Explaining what our unique collaboration is all about can be difficult. As we all know, photos and videos are powerful tools in storytelling. Having a bank of WeGo Together For Kids partner media will help me/us with community outreach, grant applications, recruiting sponsors and bringing in new partner organizations.
  1. Personalized pages. Each of the partner organizations will get a branded Story Page to feature their mission in action. While we certainly have important work together, each of you has a particular mission you are living out. MemoryFox allows you to visually share that with your clients, funders and communities.
  1. It’s cool. I asked my daughter, a senior in high school, to test out a Campaign. After she did, I asked her if she liked it and if she would do this if she got a link from her school, church or a community group she’s a part of. She replied, “Yeah. It was cool.” So there you go – endorsed by a teen!

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! It is an honor to join Molly and WeGo Together For Kids as they kick-off their storytelling journey. We can’t wait to see your mission in action! If you are interested in learning how MemoryFox can bring your mission to life, consider investing 30 minutes of your time with a member of our team.