5 Tips for Encouraging Social Media Engagement

Social media engagement is a critical way for nonprofits to connect with potential volunteers and donors. Here are our 5 tips to help step up your social game.

1. Hack the Algorithm with Videos

Video content is not only the trending thing to do right now, it’s also one of the top-ranking features of social platforms’ algorithms. Using traditional videos or even Tik Toks and Reels can help elevate your content to the top of the newsfeed and increase visibility. You can make them as simple as showing your work-from-home setup, or as complex as sharing “thank you” videos from your beneficiaries.

Image via @therhinestoneworld on Instagram


2. Use Sharable Content

Sharing content that encourages saves, comments, and shares adds to the algorithm score as well. What you can teach people, or what you know best? Turn these answers into branded graphics or videos to entertain your audience instead of selling to them, or make graphics with inspirational quotes that are relevant to your industry. Be sure to address your audience directly and use catching hooks to intrigue them into reading more. Remember, good graphics will catch their attention. Good content will make it sharable.

Image via Canva.


Pro Tip

Using free graphic design platforms like Canva to make your content eye-catching. It’s easy to use, comes with free templates and graphics, and can be customized to your brand!

3. Entertain, Don’t Sell

Audiences on social media are more likely to engage with funny, entertaining, or intriguing content more than content that is “selling” to them.

Out of entertaining ideas? Lean into local community trends or current internet trends to increase visibility. Things like predictive text trends, Tik Tok video trends, and meme trends are broad enough for most brands to plug into with a little creativity.

Image via Dunkaroos on Twitter.


4. Be Authentic

A trend that arose in late 2020 and is projected for 2021 is the audience preference for authentic content. The best practice for showcasing authenticity is to encourage and utilize user-generated content. While this content may not be “perfect” in the sense that it likely won’t be polished or high-quality, it builds trust in your brand.

Image via Starbucks on Instagram.


5. Use the Right Tools

Streamline your process with tools that will both elevate your content and make your content-generating process easier. Canva is a fan favorite for creating sharable social media content, and platforms like MemoryFox help bring authentic content to you instead of having to constantly search for it.



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