Partner Profile: Making Waves at The Point

At MemoryFox, it’s all about providing the right foundation, tools and tech support for the big event—and then getting out of the way. The same is true for one of our favorite partners, The Point, a San Diego-based business-retreat liaison that goes the extra mile to ensure events are as fun as they are productive. Servicing a wide spread of clients with different needs, The Point uses MemoryFox to seamlessly produce organic content for a staggering range of different events, making coordination and content-generation a cinch no matter the size or mission of the organization.

Casey Fields’ Vision

CEO Casey Fields.

The user-guided content approach of MemoryFox is also a perfect fit with the vision of The Point’s CEO, Casey Fields. An entrepreneur focused on community-building and local outreach, Fields’ organization thrives on catering to the multifaceted needs of the clients. Although her bayfront corporate retreat center is a selling point on its own, Fields has made a full commitment to understanding the complexities of the modern workplace, making The Point much more than a boardroom with a view.

The Work-Play Balance


One of the ways she implements this vision is by helping clients strike the right balance between official business and good old-fashioned fun. With a full complement of tech, organizations can easily put together any type of presentation they want at The Point, giving them the full capabilities of their home space.

But the modern workplace needs to go well beyond the nuts and bolts; successful organizations of today provide a welcoming business atmosphere that isn’t only about the everyday grind. The Point allows for a full spectrum of both work and play, helping event organizers to include team-building games and exercises into their retreats. As studies have demonstrated, fun team-building activities can help organizations grow closer while simultaneously encouraging more productive employees.

The space of The Point itself is also a commitment to assisting event organizers and team managers in achieving a symbiotic atmosphere. The Point uses an eye-catching blend of plants to enhance the décor, but even the aesthetics have more than one purpose. Like many of their clients, The Point is committed to sustainability and cutting down on waste, which is why the plants chosen are upcycled. And the tables? They’re made of raw wood plucked from wildfires in neighboring Julian, just outside of San Diego.

Not only does this all fit with the paperless business cards, recycled tableware and Styrofoam ban at The Point, but studies have shown that plants can leave a positive imprint on the minds of employees. As a sharp contrast to the stress-inducing concrete jungle, plants can both lower stress and encourage creative problem solving—two extremely valuable assets for any team leader organizing a business retreat.

To Each Their Own

It’s this versatility and attention to detail that is also a driving force for MemoryFox. Even organizations within the same exact field have their own visions and unique elements, making it critical to treat each event differently. Similarly, The Point is proud to offer packages that fit just about any event imaginable, from more serious corporate meetings to light and casual events looking to break up the work cycle. The same goes for The Point’s array of fundraisers, local-business meetups, weddings, and other social engagements.

This central vision is essentially about taking away the limitations and restrictions of organizations, allowing them to flourish in their own terms. Of course, this is at the heart of the UGC approach for generating content as well, as there are no better storytellers than the organization members themselves. With an easy-to-use platform designed to maximize engagement, MemoryFox gives event organizers the ideal blend of control and flexibility. Ultimately, the content produced can easily capture the tone and tenor of an event, placing the attendees in the perfect position to contribute while still giving the organizers the tools to guide the content production.

The Future

While long days in an office were once the only way of doing business, the forward-looking modern business world tends to look a lot like a retreat at The Point. The sustainable, ever-evolving atmosphere of The Point creates the ideal blank page, assuring organizers that their event will both meet their business goals and be a highlight of the calendar for the attendees. That’s why The Point has been able to reach such an impressive slate of clients, from inspiring local businesses to iconic brands like Nike and Coca-Cola.

Marketing an organization has similarly changed dramatically in only a few generations, taking us from the olden days of outsourcing content to the current climate where organic content trumps all. Organizations rely upon trusting the talents and passions of their members, and MemoryFox provides the way for everyone at an event to contribute in a meaningful way. With an intuitive and user-friendly platform, you don’t even have to be tech-savvy to generate some great content for the team.

It’s this team-focused and flexible mentality that has transformed The Point into one of the premier places in Southern California to host an event. With a close eye on the latest business trends and a space that can be molded for any purpose, Casey Fields and her team continue to illuminate the way forward for the business leaders of today and tomorrow.