Tour de Cure: Fighting Diabetes One Event at a Time


With 30 million diabetics in the U.S. and nearly three times that number in the prediabetic phase, the American Diabetes Association is facing one of the most important health epidemics of our time. But instead of despairing, the ADA is tackling the problem head-on with campaigns like Tour de Cure, a nationwide event that pulls together local communities all over the country and raises millions to combat the deadly disease. At MemoryFox, we are happy to be a partner in this critical fight, helping the American Diabetes Association raise awareness while providing the tools for those at risk to take charge of their health.

The Tour de Cure Buffalo Niagara event in late-spring continues to be an integral platform for contributions both small and large. Joining with the ADA’s national Count Me In campaign, the event brings together runners, walkers, bikers and spectators for a day of fitness and fundraising. Fitness of course is a crucial part of staying health when living with diabetes, so creating a fun event around exercise is a perfect fit. Not only do participants directly contribute to the global fight against diabetes, but it’s also an opportunity to learn more about the rampant and often misunderstood disease.

After all the sweat and hard work, the event culminates in a special awards ceremony for all the volunteers and activists who made the event possible. For the 2019 Tour de Cure Buffalo Niagara, MemoryFox was able to provide the platform for capturing videos and photos that celebrate the participants at the heart of the ongoing battle with diabetes. Although the raw power of the figures surrounding diabetes can feel overwhelming, optimism and hope were the sentiments that captivated the room.

Integrating MemoryFox

Following a successful 2019 event, the organizers of the 2020 Tour de Cure Buffalo Niagara are hoping to raise $325,000 to combat diabetes.

Such optimism also aligns perfectly with the ADA’s Count Me In campaign. Whether you’re looking to volunteer for an event, find info for a loved one, or join an active online community, Count Me In is a great way to join the fight and make sure your voice is heard.

No matter the type of non-profit event, MemoryFox is designed to seamlessly share the great moments that are the lifeblood of any organization. Like the fight against diabetes itself, it’s all about successful collaboration and sharing the human experience, giving non-profit organizations an ideal platform for easily connecting every single participant. Without even having to download an app, attendees have the perfect way to advocate for their cause, highlight volunteers who deserve more attention, and ultimately to personalize content in ways that can bring the entire event together. With personalized support and MemoryFox’s easy-to-use platform, non-profit events can quickly come to life with the faces and experiences of the participants.

Whether an organization is tackling an enormous public-health dilemma like diabetes or something lesser known to the public, there are no small issues for non-profit organizations. Non-profit organizations looking to grow will end up with a curated portfolio that can help spread awareness long after the event wraps.

American Diabetes Association’s 2020 Tour de Cure

For more information about registering for the 2020 Tour de Cure Buffalo Niagara (6/6/2020), visit their site or contact Karlie Muscarella at The event is slated to be held at Niagara University Dwyer Ice Arena. You can also request a demo of MemoryFox in seconds.

To learn more about the impact of exercise while living with diabetes, click here