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Colleague Send-Off: Crafting a Meaningful Goodbye

After 7 years of service, a senior executive at the University at Buffalo Business started a new journey in her career. In addition to coordinating a send-off party for her, the Program team wanted to give her colleagues the opportunity to share a personal farewell video message. Creating a fun and dynamic work culture that celebrates their talent, even on their way out, is important to the University at Buffalo so they used MemoryFox to create a memorable farewell party for their colleague.

Videos Collected


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How'd They Do It

See how The University at Buffalo used MemoryFox to collect videos from their staff and faculty and create a powerful community story for their colleague's send-off party.

1. Created a Campaign

In the lead up to their send-off party, the Program team at University at Buffalo, encouraged staff and faculty members to share a video where they could either leave a "best wishes" message or share a "favorite memory" about their colleague.

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2. Collected 35 Videos

Using MemoryFox, the team at University at Buffalo was able to easily collect over 35 video responses from their colleagues. Because of the way content is organized in MemoryFox, they could easily filter these responses from all of the other collection campaigns they were already running.

3. Curated Responses

Once the collection campaign ended, the University at Buffalo was able to easily turn their submissions into a “Community Story” using MemoryFox Story Builder tools. They were then able to easily incorporate the "Community Story" into their send-off party and also share them with their colleague who was moving on.

Sara Goodman

"We are always looking for innovative ways to improve our internal culture and MemoryFox allowed us to engage our team and capture stories in a fun and easy way that we will definitely be doing again."

Sara Goodman

Program Manager