Authenticity In Your Video Storytelling, with Tyler Kellogg

Tune in as we talk to Tyler Kellogg – professional videographer, passionate storyteller and overall do-gooder. We chat:

  • How to capture authentic, ethical stories
  • Videography tips and tricks
  • The power of kindness, especially in unfavorable times
  • Using YOUR inner power to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles

About Our Guest:
Tyler Kellogg has spent a lifetime becoming a dynamic individual, and he prides himself on being tough to fit in just one category. As an accomplished keynote speaker, Tyler has delivered over 300 presentations and captivated audiences ranging from school children to former presidents with his powerful stories. At just 18 years old, Tyler became an Ironman triathlete, setting the stage for his passion for adventure and pushing the limits. He’s since combined this love for adventure with his creative eye as a travel and aerial photographer, shooting in over 20 countries including India, Japan, Cambodia, and Spain. Prints of his photos and his paintings can be found hanging in countless homes and businesses.

Tyler is best known for his compassionate works, and his dedication to helping people, especially children, overcome their struggles. He spent five years working as a youth crisis intervention specialist where he designed custom experiences that improve emotional intelligence and self-belief.  He is happily married to his wife Lauren, and they share a love that inspires his passion for officiating weddings. During the summer Tyler works as a high-end landscaper, something his family has done for generations. His hobbies include designing and facilitating live-action murder mysteries for friends, gardening, pickling vegetables, and pursuing his love of woodworking. With a wide range of experiences and passions, Tyler is driven by a desire to inspire others to push their limits, see the beauty in the world, and find joy in their own lives. Learn more at and follow him on Instagram @theartoftyler.

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