Volunteer Voices: Crafting Videos That Soar on Socials

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In today’s competitive landscape, it is more important than ever to stand out on social media and have your voice heard. But when you work at a nonprofit, and inevitably wear many hats, developing a modernized social media strategy can feel overwhelming.

Let us help! MemoryFox and Civic Champs invite you to embark on a journey of inspiration and transformation with our upcoming webinar that converges the power of volunteer stories, with the art of video storytelling, based on the latest social media trends. Join us Thursday, January 18th to get your questions answered! 

This session will be broken down into three crucial parts:

Part 1: Chris Miano, Founder/CEO of MemoryFox, will share MemoryFox’s simple 3 step process to collecting video content, as well as sharing real-life examples of volunteer stories that boost recruitment and enhance retention. 

Part 2: Geng Wang, CEO of Civic Champs, will delve into trends and strategies on how you can share these powerful volunteer stories on social media in 2024. 

Part 3: Finally, Chris and Geng would love to answer your questions! We encourage you to come prepared with your specific inquiries about volunteer recruitment and retention, video storytelling, and social media. 

We can’t wait to delve into the heartwarming narratives of volunteers who have made a difference, explore the dynamics of video storytelling that captivates audiences, and navigate the ever-evolving landscape of social media trends that can amplify your cause.

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About the Speakers:

Chris Miano is the Founder/CEO of MemoryFox. Chris was born and raised in Buffalo. He spent eight years in the Army traveling around the world and learning about the power of storytelling as a tool to connect with people across many cultures, generations, and socio-economic backgrounds.

When he returned home from Afghanistan, Chris thought about his grandfather who was a WW2 veteran, and how cathartic it would have been to have him around to share stories with. This inspired Chris to create MemoryFox. The organization started as a way to capture the life story of his elder family members, and eventually grew to support mission-driven organizations.

Chris has made it his mission to elevate the stories of real human beings. He believes that through storytelling with grassroots community-generated content, the world can become a more inclusive and equitable place for everyone.

Geng Wang is the CEO of Civic Champs, where he leads a team of passionate change leaders to create technology solutions to create a seamless and rewarding volunteering experience for both volunteers and service organizations. ​Prior to Civic Champs, Geng co-founded and sold two companies, RentJungle.com (an apartment search engine), and Community Elf (a social media management firm). Geng is also a former McKinsey & Company consultant and is a graduate of Michigan State University and Harvard Business School.