From Welcome to Wow: Crafting Automated Series for New Clients & Donors

Did you catch MemoryFox’s September webinar on year end fundraising with Christina Edwards? Watch it now!

About the nonprofit welcome series webinar:

This recording took place on Wednesday, September 6th, 2023.

We’re demystifying what to do when a new subscriber or donor joins your email list! Don’t leave new clients or donors hanging! Discover the power of an automated email marketing series:

  • Engagement Timing: Discover the optimal email frequency to engage without overwhelming
  • Compelling Content: Craft impactful emails that make a lasting impression
  • Trust Building on Autopilot: Establish credibility and relatability in your communication
  • Tapping into Giving: A strategic approach to ask for a second gift

Full Transcript:

0:00actually hello hello thank you for coming

0:07everybody hello everyone we were just having a very thorough chat

0:14about back to schools and uh children going back to school and how exciting of

0:19a time of year it is I wonder yes anybody here has having those similar

0:24feelings tell us where you’re in from tell us about your organization let’s just

0:30welcome everybody in the chat let’s use that yeah come on in and join us I’m just

0:37adding our Spotlight here wait all right

0:44well I’m sure we will have several more joining us but as always I like to be prompt so let’s go ahead and get started

0:50shall we yeah let’s do it okay well like I said thank you all for coming to our

0:55September memory box webinar and today’s topic we’re talking from welcome to wow we’re gonna craft an automated series

1:02for new clients and donors I personally love this topic um I mean a great welcome series when

1:08you make a donation and you get a great welcome series back I mean gosh this

1:13it’s so engaging I just love it it really makes me want to donate again all right so I’m really glad that we’re

1:19talking about it today so first let me just tell you a little bit about memory box

1:25um in case anybody isn’t aware memory box is a storytelling tool that empowers non-profits to collect organize and

1:32share Community generated content so that’s stories directly from your own community members

1:39um one cool thing about us we are a veteran-owned company we are located in Buffalo go bills I would like to throw

1:46that in there they have their first game coming up on Monday so it’s very exciting time for us uh Bills fans over

1:52here um but we do have people that work at our company that live all across the Texas we are a national company as well

2:00and I invite you all to stick around for a few minutes afterwards and I’d love to tell you a little bit more about what we

2:05do but first let me intro our guests if you don’t know her her name is Christina

2:11Edwards she’s the founder of Splendid Consulting she is a lifetime entrepreneur she’s a marketing and

2:18business coach and she works with ambitious established non-profits that is a love I love when people use the

2:26word the word coach because I I used to be a college lacrosse coach so I always just like really resonate with that I

2:31love that um her popular programs are easy emails and amplify social impact

2:38um with those it teaches orgs how to get noticed get funded and make lead generation pain free which I think we

2:45all know there can be some major pain points with that um and then a really cool thing she’s

2:50also the host of the purpose and profit Club podcast so give it a listen

2:56um like I said thanks for coming joining us today and take it away Christina

3:01amazing thank you for the warm welcome I want everybody in the chat just type a

3:06one in the chat so I know that you are here and you’re ready and you’re ready to like dig into my love for email

3:13marketing so I love email marketing I love it for a few reasons we’re going to talk about the ROI today we’re going to

3:19talk about how you can create an email welcome series yes okay yeah so ready yes you’re ready okay so the number one

3:28thing here’s why I love email marketing why is it so important in your strategy or is it maybe an afterthought and if

3:34it’s an afterthought that’s okay we’re gonna get it to like front seat primary thought today we’re going to work on that email has the highest return of any

3:42investment on any marketing channel it’s a 4200 return okay I like to think of

3:49social media an email as like peanut butter and jelly they go together beautifully I also think that social

3:55media is a great way to funnel people on to your email list but email

4:00is amazing because you’re not fighting an algorithm you own the asset it is

4:06yours right and it’s your place to tap into conversions and tap into people who

4:14maybe have already shown some interest in your organization and ask them again all right so we’re gonna dig in to that

4:21so after today’s session you’ll know how to build trust engagement and connections with your donors in your

4:27sleep and if you’re like in your sleep tell me more I will tell you more even if you’ve never created a welcome

4:34series before so for many of you you may be like I signed up for this training but I don’t totally know what a welcome

4:40series is that’s okay we’ll walk you through it and if you have a welcome series we’re gonna like turn the volume

4:46up and turn up the conversions on the welcome series okay and maybe you’ve never like I said automated anything

4:53before totally fine if you’re a beginner if you’re more advanced you can apply what you learned today

4:58and maybe you’re not sure what to say this is a big one if you’re in charge of any comms messaging fundraising

5:03leadership there are times where you have to tell stories but the stories that drive donations right and it can

5:10feel like staring at a blank cursor okay so I got you and you’re not sure where to start like

5:16where do I go first okay what do we do first so if you’re ready in the chat okay yes I see some engagement in the

5:23chat just let me know say I’m so ready I want you to stay engaged with our time together I want you to treat this like a

5:29thousand dollar training and this is one of my Pro tips I do this in my own life okay so I do this in my if I sign up for

5:36a free training if I sign up for a free thing I tell myself okay for ten you put a thousand dollars down on this training

5:42stay with me don’t be writing emails in the background don’t be washing dishes don’t be cooking a snack nothing like

5:49that stay with me stay engaged use the chat ask questions get out of get

5:54exactly what you came for out of the session okay so we’re gonna dig in I’m going to share

5:59a lot of my easy emails method today with you okay this is about getting your

6:06story your strategy and the latest trends that are working in the nonprofit sector to optimize conversions when I

6:13say convert conversions I just mean that action whether it’s donations whether it’s signing up it’s volunteerism it’s

6:20event tickets whatever and this is one of my students who said I’m loving this class I feel like my

6:25batteries have been recharged so if you’re inching into your end and you’re starting to feel like teeny beat or a

6:31lot of that burnout or overwhelm stay with me we got you covered today if you’re new to me I’m Christina

6:37Edwards I’m the founder of Splendid Consulting I had a very warm welcome so I won’t spend too much time here I will

6:43say I’m gonna push you on some of my core values today which are daring action thinking with purpose and maybe

6:49embracing courage and discomfort meaning don’t wait for that email to be perfect

6:55don’t wait for you to have like 150 confidence sometimes we just have to

7:00channel courage and we feel a little wobbly a little shaky a little discomfort and that’s okay okay that’s

7:06what it takes to stand out in email inboxes and we all live in a noisy World we’re all very very distracted so we

7:12really have to stand out you can come hang out with me at Instagram splendidconsulting and the purpose and

7:19profit Club podcast let’s go over the roadmap for today now

7:25I’ve got a lot of content for you today but I it’s it’s on purpose it’s design and I really wanted to give you exactly

7:32what you need to literally end this workshop and put a welcome series together I think somebody is unmuted

7:38will you mute for me um Carly I hear a little feedback yeah thank you

7:43okay so the first step we’re going to talk about engagement Essentials so how often should you send a send an email

7:49without overwhelming new subscribers the 30 the first 30 days is really a sweet spot it’s a really sweet spot on timing

7:56so we want to make sure like how do we not bother somebody but how do we have enough touch points next we’re going to talk about crafting

8:03those high impact emails right what do I say how do I keep my organization top of

8:09mind and when do I ask for a second gift right and if you’re worried about the

8:14unsubscribes we’re going to talk about that piece we’re going to talk about the piece of calls to action things like that we’re going to go all through those

8:21three steps so when you leave today you can go start writing those emails so tell me if this sounds like you if

8:28this sounds familiar are you feeling a little tired like many of my clients who come to me of the revenue roller coaster

8:34you know Peaks and valleys Peaks and valleys your end tends to be the peak right but it it also is like a stressful

8:41Peak okay and then those valleys feel like we’re doing a lot of work and we’re just Treading Water one of the reasons

8:48why I partnered with memoryfox is because they help you systematize they help you

8:53get off this Revenue roller coaster okay so does email marketing so does

8:59automation I like to think of it as like a little upfront lift and then it runs in the background we’re going to talk about that today

9:05I want to just offer if any overwhelm comes in that’s okay but the solution is actually pretty simple okay these

9:12automations these Tech setups are really really simple to implement we’re going to go through all of the steps you need

9:19to do to implement it okay but it’s going to require two things it’s going to require that you ditch perfectionism

9:25so if you want your email to be perfect like it would for the most perfect press release

9:30ever that is your life’s work then no that’s not what it’s for this is an email to get your impact your mission

9:36out into the world okay we’re gonna make sure there’s no typos we’re gonna make sure it’s spelled correctly and then we’re gonna go We’re not gonna make sure

9:43that a thousand people pass through and go yes it was well done Christina now we’re gonna Channel some courage and

9:49some daring action if that sounds good type A1 in the chat for me so my promise

9:55today you’re gonna leave ready to write your email welcome Series in one hour and if that sounds crazy to you if

10:00you’re like how am I going to write it in one hour stay tuned because I will give you the

10:06best tip ever later on in today’s training of how you can do it in an hour even if you’re like not a natural

10:11Storyteller or anything like that well I’m excited you’ve got really excited right now

10:18yes yes thank you it’s a really good hack so I I’ve you’ve got to stay with me to get it it’s a really good hat okay

10:24so I’m curious and if you guys would drop in the chat and tell me do you treat your email list like a highly

10:31profitable Revenue source and if you’d like to share how many subscribers are on your email list I’d love to see that

10:38in the chat whenever I’m teaching live I’ll hear a lot of notes of like it’s an

10:43afterthought right we know we have this email list we sort of use it as a newsletter we use it from some general

10:49updates maybe we send things send people um an update once a quarter or once a

10:55month and then we see a really big mix on subscribers you know from 100 to tens

11:01of thousands of subscribers and I just want to offer regardless of the number there’s untapped Revenue just sitting on

11:08your email list they are waiting for you to like literally knock on their email door and say hey how are you and connect

11:15with you okay Felicia says depends on the list about three to six K that’s amazing Felicia yeah yeah like three to

11:21six K is untapped Revenue so we’ll talk about tapping into that Revenue first step I want to do is go over this

11:28framework and talk about why this automation why a welcome series literally builds trust in

11:34your sleep okay the reason is it operates in the background so you’re going to write these emails one time

11:40that’s it in an hour you’re going to load them on your email marketing system

11:45you don’t even have to have my favorite one you just pick one right you may already have an email marketing system

11:51this may be a convertkit a constant contact a MailChimp there’s a bajillion out there just pick one and it will

11:57automate it and run in the background I was thinking about this earlier today and I was like you know what it’s kind of like it’s like air conditioning the

12:04air conditioning I set the thermostat and then boom it just I’m not literally turning it on every time I need it it’s

12:10running in the background now maybe what is it once a quarter I go change the air filter it’s kind of like that like your

12:17email automation you might want to check in with it once or twice a year and say oh you know let’s add a little photo

12:22here let’s add and freshen it up with a better story right here but in a lot of ways it’s like air conditioning it runs

12:29in the background so that’s why I love it and that’s why it’s not make believe it’s not a unicorn you literally are building trust in your sleep

12:36and for those of you that are thinking okay hang on what is an email series let’s just start there or what is a

12:42welcome series we’re going to go over a couple of different rules but it is a series of

12:47emails that go out in a container of time like a a framework of time that go

12:53out automated through whatever email marketing tool you’re using that starts

12:58to introduce yourself your organization to that new subscriber this typically in

13:03the way that we’re really going to look at it today is when a new donor makes a donation and they get into your world

13:08right they opt into your list what happens next very often organizations

13:13come to me and a donor makes a donation we’ve got their name we’ve got their email address and then clunk they sit on

13:21your subscriber list until you send out that quarterly newslet letter which may be three months from now and that’s okay

13:27but we’re gonna do better okay we’re gonna do better because the problem with that is if I subscribe I make a 25

13:34donation today now I’m in your email list and I don’t hear from you for three months guess what happened I totally

13:40forgot about you you’re amazing I love you and I forgot about you right we’re going to talk about that sweet spot of

13:46the first 30 days now instead of you having it get on the phone and text me and call me and write me a handwritten

13:52note this is something that helps me keep your organization top of Mind in the background you can call me you can

13:58text me you can do all those touch points if you want you don’t have to because you got this set up I’m very visual so there’s a couple of

14:05visuals that I’m going to offer for you today this is one visual of just like bird’s eye view what

14:11does the framework look like so here on the left you can see emails one through five so five is going to be our example

14:18of the five emails that you’re gonna send over the course of these days okay

14:24don’t worry about the subjects we’ve got a really cool acronym eepo coming at you on topics the first email let’s just go

14:31over this email one would be a thank you hey I see you thanks thanks for whatever it is thank you for your donation thank

14:38you for signing up thank you for joining whatever the thank you is you’re gonna send that right away that’s why there’s

14:43no delay okay so if I make a a gift go ahead and send me that right away don’t delay an hour or a day a week or

14:49anything like that email to you this is a pretty quick clip maybe about

14:56three days left later you’re gonna send out that next email I’ll give you a another framework for this like how how

15:03far to Space them out but let’s just look at this one email three about a week later and then we’re gonna go a

15:08week a week a week okay and then we’re gonna wrap it up so broad Strokes that’s what I like to

15:14see can you customize this can you make it uh five every five days yes can you

15:20make it every two weeks you could but I’ll tell you why I prefer you not to so that’s the initial overview

15:27and I want you to just think about this piece of donor churn donor churn is

15:32something that we’re constantly combating and we’re constantly trying to figure out and one of the things that an

15:37email welcome series does so beautifully is it helps retain those new donors and

15:43really those existing donors right it is five times more cost effective to retain donors than to recruit new ones like

15:51let’s just let that sink in 5X so remember the roller coaster you’re on you’re on a

15:58roller coaster when you see a lot of churn because you’re literally having to get people in your world constantly like

16:04have you heard about our mission have you heard about intermission and these are people who are like no I haven’t no I haven’t versus people are like yes I

16:11have now let me bring you in and engage you so retention is really really essential to both scaling your

16:16organization and your funding and I find avoiding burnout okay

16:22let’s drill down on this a little more did you know that warm leads are 14 times more likely to close than cold

16:29leads so let’s think about this warm leads are simply new donors and subscribers so this is from lead boxer

16:35this is really from the e from the online uh for-profit world but I’m adapting it to fit to you okay warm

16:42leads again people who are like oh I already know what your organization does I have some awareness of your

16:49organization oh I subscribed to your email list now I’m 14x more likely to make a gift to sign up to buy a ticket

16:56to your event to make a second gift right because I don’t have to start that initial like who are you what do you do

17:04what are you about like I’ve already started that nurturing process when I’m a warm lead

17:10so let’s go over some of the initial what I’m going to call triggers or rules

17:16that you might set up for your welcome Series so this is the first very common one here on the left first time donor

17:24okay so somebody makes a gift that is the rule so let’s just say I make a gift

17:30and I’m immediately part of this welcome series but if I made a gift last year then I would not be part of it and maybe

17:37I give once a year I shouldn’t be in the welcome series you’d kick me out of it because I already know your organization I’ve been through it once okay so that’s

17:45that rule there I get sent that initial email and then over a delay over a space of days I get those five emails we’ll

17:52talk about what’s in email number five and then I’m Tagged so you want to tag me in your system like

17:59um in my own system it’s like completed welcome sequence Christina completed welcome sequence so if you look at me as

18:06a lead you’re like oh she went through it she completed it right she’s been there done and then I exit the sequence

18:12all right you with me and if you have any questions as I’m going through it just type them in the chat

18:19so let’s go here let’s drill down a little bit more

18:25specifically I like to see a minimum of three emails okay so five feels like just too far away and totally impossible

18:32do three start with three because we can do a welcome email we can do a little

18:37story and a little call to action and then we can exit okay that’s okay something is better than nothing so

18:43three to five emails they educate they connect they develop trust just like Carly said in the beginning she’s like

18:48you know when I feel acknowledged when somebody sends me an email like you literally feel connected to the person

18:54even if it was automated I’ve been in email automation since the marketer where I’m like this is clearly an

18:59Automation and I love it I love it even though I know the person on the other end didn’t explicitly write

19:05it because I’m like man I I want to know more about what you do subject lines matter okay you cannot do

19:12this whole thing and then have a subject line like um October news October update

19:21um summer happenings um programs like don’t do that don’t do that to yourself subject lines matter

19:27okay welcome yeah don’t call it welcome all right let’s look at another trigger

19:35another trigger might be that you have a monthly donation program so when somebody signs up to become a monthly

19:41Giver let’s have a welcome series just for those folks again you’ve got a lot

19:47on your plate maybe part of your donor journey is when somebody becomes a monthly supporter part of what they do

19:52is they get a phone call from you but maybe it’s the weekend maybe you’re out

19:58of town maybe you’re at a conference so what’s the plan for that right we don’t want you just having to call them from a

20:04conference right I want you to have this automation that’s like you are part of a club now we see you welcome to the club

20:11here’s what’s inside our monthly givers club or whatever it’s called right and walk them through their own curated

20:18welcome series for that specific thing okay you with me yeah

20:23okay awesome all right so let’s go over this frequency so email one ASAP goes

20:32straight out the door email two I’m giving you along with leeway three to ten days three to fourteen days three to

20:37fourteen days three to fourteen days I

20:48totally doable that feels how does it feel


21:01good no pushback on that amazing it’s okay to add friction

21:07so a lot of times I hear hear people say that sounds like I’m going to annoy them

21:12we don’t send emails that often Christina and if I’m sending them an email a week that’s just a lot and I’m

21:19worried they’re gonna unsubscribe okay so to that I say we want to actually add friction we we do we want to add

21:27friction especially as you get more subscribers those ten thousand twenty

21:32thousand plus subscribers even 2 000 subscribers you’re paying per subscriber I don’t want people on my email list

21:40that number one don’t want to be on my email list and number two aren’t reading my emails so this is actually like a

21:46natural list cleaning that you’re doing at the front gate hey did you give a one-off gift and we’re really not for you but your neighbor asked you to and

21:51that’s why you did it cool you can unsubscribe did you give a gift one time and you were kind of curious about us

21:57well let me come on in let me tell you a little more right I love this I feel like this reminds me of this other

22:03concept I was just hearing about like it’s okay to say no to some donors like oh they’re not for us like you said a

22:10one-time gift that does happen and that’s okay not everybody’s gonna come back and give again but it’s a

22:15it’s okay it’s okay and let me offer this too have you ever unsubscribed to somebody

22:21and then you resubscribe later like I do this all the time not all the time but I’ve done it in my life where

22:27I’m like oh you know I’m not in the mood for these emails and then a year or two later I’m like email I miss them what

22:34are they up to what’s the organization doing right so like it is not personal it is business I do want I don’t want

22:40your organization to pay for subscribers that don’t want to be there so we’re tiling up the friction we’re dialing up

22:45that connection point it’s a lot like dating like you want to make sure it’s a match right before you kind of continue

22:51okay the other piece that I want to offer is don’t write and don’t think about the

22:59one percent who’s gonna be annoyed the one percent who’s gonna be like she emails a lot she’s blah blah blah right

23:07for the 99 that are like thank God your organization exists right for the other

23:12percent that it’s like wow I had no idea that that’s what y’all were doing like right for your most best highest raving

23:20fan or supporter right for them don’t write for the person that’s kind of a grump right don’t worry for those people

23:26okay so here are some common mistakes that I see again and again there are three the first one is ghosting new

23:33subscribers or donors and that’s really like what brought us here today it’s just a new person came into your world

23:40and you sent them the tax letter because you’re supposed to and they get that and then you’re like Christine I’m too busy

23:46no you’re not too busy to set this up I promise you’re not too busy okay totally

23:52fine if this is you we’re gonna fix it today the second one is assuming you’re bothering people okay assuming you’re

23:57bothering people is again listen more than a monthly or quarterly newsletter just sounds like too much and it no we

24:04have to literally bother air quotes people in order to stay top of mind the Gap is never worried about bothering

24:10me Nordstrom not worried about bothering me Sephora happy to bother me guess what

24:16those three brands have in common they’re making lots of money they’ll text you twice a

24:23day they’re gonna just be keep they don’t mind at all no they don’t mind and

24:28under asking this may be the like hidden mistake for a lot of organizations for

24:34my already like very comfortable email marketers and Communications folks you’re like no no we send a weekly email

24:41we’re doing this we’re doing that but I often see you’re under asking that’s basically like burying the lead where it

24:48is so informative it is so educational it is so right with stories and pictures

24:54and content and more content and the call to action to donate is like a

25:00whisper right so under asking is either buried or varied you’re like well it we do it

25:06twice a year in emo no no so that may be kind of the third sneaking one that I see

25:12and the fourth one lacking generic or sounding generic and lacking personality that is if I read your last email today

25:20if you sent everybody sent me their email and I got a sense of your sector or

25:25Niche could I just sub out the name of your organization and put in another one meaning I want to get an email from your

25:33organization and go that’s them they know that’s their voice that is their

25:38unique voice of authority that’s what they stand for that’s who they are like I have a sense of who you are okay

25:45versus it kind of sounds like every organization in Atlanta serving this

25:50sector I don’t want it to sound like that okay that’s what I really dig into in my easy emails course is this idea of

25:57like how do I get the strategy piece but how do I also find our voice and the voice is sometimes like my voice is

26:03slightly different than Carly’s voice it’s slightly different than Jen’s voice it’s slightly different than Aaron’s voice but we may all work for the same

26:10organization and I actually want to give you like a boost to like let those voices shine on email and not make it

26:17sound like an ominous like kind of watered down one big Mega voice okay

26:23so you need both you need strategy and story I know memory Fox already knows

26:29this you’re like yes we need strategy and story so we’re gonna dig into the

26:34first 30 days the first 30 days is a little bit like the honeymoon period I think I’ve drilled the importance of

26:40that time frame down to you we’re gonna go into what should you say when should you say it but that first 30 days is

26:48when you have a chance it’s like your sweetest opportunity to make a long-term connection

26:53anyone who remembers or is currently dating like what it was like it’s like it’s like you go out with somebody and

26:59you think there’s a connection but is there a connection it’s kind of like that where it’s like is the feeling

27:05mutual and we as the organization I want to make sure that I’m at least showing cues that the feeling is mutual so don’t

27:13ghost your new subscribers on the first 30 days I’m curious if anyone here happens to

27:18know their first time donor retention rate if you know it just type it in the chat and if you want to guess type that

27:25in the chat or you could even guess what the average is

27:32first time a donor retention rate Pop Quiz everybody

27:37take a wild guess

27:48for me well I’ve been here in this office

27:54okay we can mute yeah Community okay good all right I’m gonna tell you what it is the first time don’t average first

28:01time donor retention rate is 20 okay that means that only two in ten

28:06first-time donors make a second gift and remember we talked about the churn and wember we talked about right the warm

28:13leads are 14 times easier to close than cold leads that’s why this matters because these are warmest leaves and

28:19that first 30 days is the time to like really invite them in and build that trust okay

28:24but if you get them to give a second gift they are 63 more likely to give in

28:30so think about that now we’ve like if you’ve ever shopped somewhere I’m going to use the shopping analogy again if

28:35I’ve ever shopped at Sephora one time and I’m like I don’t make another purchase the ones I’ve shopped there

28:40twice I have a login I understand the lay of the land I understand what brands they carry right I’m starting to be

28:47somebody who like knows like likes them I understand uh what their communication style is like I understand that I can

28:54trust them that the shipping will get here on time like you kind of inject your favorite brand here okay same thing

28:59here so if you can get somebody to give twice they’ve really developed some stickiness some connection to your

29:05organization so it’s really really important to do that I want you to just silently repeat after me 20 is

29:11unacceptable we are not here to be average average is boring 20 is like

29:16such a base like we can do so much better than that so if you’re able to find what your current retention rate is

29:22that would be interesting for you to look up so that you can send a benchmark of like what is our next Benchmark we

29:27try to get it to 40 we trying to get it to 60 percent let’s come up with that especially before your end

29:33so why do we think churn is so high let’s investigate the big thing is this idea of the

29:39forgetting curve if you’ve ever heard of the forgetting curve tell me type it yes in the chat if you’ve ever heard of this

29:45it’s actually the science of why people are kind of one and done donors it’s why

29:51it’s not personal if somebody unsubscribes right out of the gate it’s not personal if somebody doesn’t give

29:57again it’s this idea of the forgetting character so let’s dig into what it is the forgetting curve the ebb and house

30:04curve is an influential memory model and it basically says that learned information slips over time unless you

30:11take action to keep it there so if you’re like me and like you don’t remember what you

30:16learned in chemistry class or biology class or maybe you don’t know what Sciences this might be why right this

30:23might be it you came in you took the thing and you got the heck out of there right it basically says that memories

30:29weaken over time and that we have to do something to reinforce learning and our our ability to retain that information

30:36if we don’t do it we see it plummet for example if you’ve ever listened to an audiobook

30:42and you’ve really enjoyed it and then you’re trying to explain it to a friend and you’re like oh I was just listening

30:47to this and it was really good and then you find yourself having a like terrible time trying to explain the thing that

30:53you just thought was like really fascinating and then you’re like wait let me go back and listen to it it’s this an action your retained

31:00information slips very very quickly so I told you I’m visual let’s look at this okay so you can see really quickly it

31:06starts to plummet from that original learning point so if we review it again or maybe we review it a second time or

31:13look at this look at that sweet spot the third time look at that information retained it’s so much higher okay so if

31:19you’re also like me and you’re like listen I loved that audiobook and now it slipped away and then you re-listened to

31:25the audiobook or you’ve re-listened to a podcast episode this is another thing or you’ve reread a book that really

31:31resonates or you watched a movie 10 million times and you can recite the movie this is

31:36this this is that and the best point and this is really why I kind of lean back and say if you’re not going to do five

31:42emails do three in a short period of time and so we can lean on the science to make this stick

31:48so that I want your I want your new donor to have received three emails from

31:53you in a month be able to go to a party at their neighbor’s house and go did you hear about this non-profit in our in our

31:59neighborhood I had no idea here’s what they do and approximately sum it up like

32:04they don’t have to know that your elevator pitch but approximately sum it up and I’m gonna guess they may not be

32:09able to do that I probably would be a little a little bumpy on that after that first time so we want to make sure that

32:15they’re able or even tell a story and something that resonated with them okay

32:21this charts like music to my marketing ears yes okay so because it’s five times

32:27more cost effective to retain new retained donors than Recruit new ones we’re really going to lean back on this

32:32concept of warm versus cold leads to develop that email welcome Series so you may be asking okay great yes I’m with

32:39you what type of stories work best so this is my email theme acronym

32:47e-e-p-o okay if you are using memory box or memory Fox for story banking then you

32:53can pull some of these story ideas from your bank so the way that I teach all my students too

33:00is this idea of I don’t want you on a Tuesday at noon to go

33:05well shoot I need a testimonial for our program I guess I gotta go call Jan and ask for a testimonial or ask her who I

33:13should call for no I want you to pull from your digital library okay and I want you to pull from that Library yeah

33:19and yeah I see I’ve been there we’ve all been there where we’re like I know we do cool things where are the stories like

33:25where are the stories I want you to have these banked and then literally curate them to fit into this welcome series and

33:32the biggest thing that I can give you of what should be in the welcome series like what types of stories should I pull

33:38from I want you to assume that subscribers or you know donors are starting at zero okay meaning they don’t

33:46have a huge amount of expertise or depth in the problem you solve one thing I see

33:51again and again is we often are so in it that we either use industry speak or we

33:57forget that everybody is not very familiar with the problem for example

34:03even something that like globally we all we all think we know about like homelessness okay you really need to

34:10think about not explaining what is homelessness but you kind of could what does homelessness look like in our

34:16community what are some of the challenges that people specifically in this community face like what are some

34:23common I got a stop that I was like oh my gosh so I’m in Atlanta when yesterday on social media I saw a

34:29stat that literally stopped me in my stress I said that there were 2 000 homeless students in Atlanta Public

34:37Schools two thousand that’s Metro Atlanta to the unacceptable unacceptable now this is me born and raised in

34:44Atlanta learning that stat for the first time right I as somebody who supports organizations who for people

34:51experiencing homelessness I assume we’re starting at zero tell us about the problem that you solved tell us how you address that don’t assume that I’m an

34:58expert on solving this problem I thought that was really really compelling and it stopped me in my tracks and I don’t want

35:03to just if you’re if you think about reading a book don’t start me in the middle of the book start me at the beginning

35:09okay so let’s go to the first one e for educate educate is really where you’re describing the problem okay so what

35:16should people know about you your organization what is your organization’s why these are some props that you can

35:23help kind of figure out what the body of the email should say what problem do you solve literally why does your

35:29organization exist so do you serve communities only in metro Atlanta who have teenage kids in um in high school

35:37who are experiencing homelessness maybe that’s it like that’s super Niche but tell me about that why why did why is

35:43that the organ why is that your mission so that piece that first email should really be

35:49that educational piece about the problem okay the problem you solve let’s move on to the next one

35:57equip equip is the solution what is your solution for this like what

36:02how are you innovating pioneering how do your programs or Services address this this is where you showcase and highlight

36:09your solution and your expertise it should highlight your strengths of your programs your services it should

36:14demonstrate your Authority in this subject matter okay we’ve seen this and

36:19this is how we are equipping our our organization is equipping people to have this outcome this solution

36:27proof it works don’t skip this this is really really important you want to

36:33validate your claims with evidence okay kind of like the science example of like evidence could be stats okay before

36:40coming into our program um three out of four mothers are experiencing this after we have a

36:46retention rate of this it doesn’t matter right it could be a specific stem it could be a testimonial that could be

36:52proof it works it could be somebody’s story where we talked about stories right it could be a point

36:57client profile of meet Christina she came to our organization she went

37:03through our our program and this is where she is today like that Arc of a

37:08story so any successful outcome you want to make sure that you’re building trust and credibility so we can do those

37:15things through a couple of different modalities we can definitely build trust through those stats right of 90 you know

37:22when I say something that’s like we have a 98 uh rate of whatever right efficacy

37:27right graduation whatever the thing is I’m like okay clearly what they’re doing is working sometimes younger

37:34organizations may not have that data to lean on and that’s why we want to move to the data of of a story the data of an

37:40outcome the data of a personal profile and all of these let’s just go back for a second

37:46instead of saying like we serve the problem we serve is people

37:52experiencing homelessness in Atlanta I’d rather you be like I’d rather you go specifically into meet Jan Jan came to

38:00us and she was living in a long-term Motel she has three kids like walk into the

38:07problem okay an update on Jan here’s where Jan is today and you could literally use the entire

38:13body of a welcome series just spotlighting one or two people so I don’t want it to be so broad that it

38:18that I can’t connect to it because we connect to story we connect to Stories We want to make sure you’re doing that all right this may be the most wobbly

38:25one this may be the most shaky one but o for offer an offer is an invitation to

38:31take action when you’re doing this you want to make sure that you’re doing it often and not with apology

38:38so apology is like if you could please maybe make one more gift of five dollars like and it’s wobbly and it’s shaky and

38:45if you’re on the phone it’s like your voice goes up here don’t do that on email what it looks like when it’s

38:51apologetic it’s like buried in the email so we want to make sure that you’re presenting your offer in a clear and

38:58captivating way um fictitious Jan you’ve told her story maybe in this one you’re like listen we

39:04have a wait list that is you know 100 people long with other mother mothers

39:09just like Jan for an additional gift of five of a hundred dollars you can XYZ okay

39:15be clear on the next action you’re guiding people to take this is one of the mistakes that I see a lot of Welcome series make is that they’ll date they’ll

39:22say something like make a gift join our free Facebook group follow us on social media

39:29um apply to volunteer so if you have too many calls to actions that are different

39:35confused mine just we exit right we don’t know what to do it’s unclear so we don’t take any action you want to also

39:42make sure that you’re not using such flowery intellectual language that a third

39:47grader wouldn’t understand it okay yeah people can’t say yes if you never ask that’s right so to recap educate

39:55equip proof offer the problem the solution why it works proof it works and

40:01offer I want to go over some content pillars these this helps me as I’m figuring out

40:06like the Arc of the story for this welcome series okay this is all about standing out and stepping into the

40:11thought leadership so we talked a little bit about the math of it of like who what when where why this is the like

40:16connection the heart of it and I really have done a deep dive in the last few

40:22years of why do some emails stick out and they feel very sticky and I want to donate and I want to reply and I want to

40:28take action and why does some of them feel so boring and so these are the pillars that I’ve come up with the first

40:34is being relatable so think about it most of the people you admire on social media the brands or the

40:41emails that you actually read the ones that you’re fiercely loyal to non-profits for-profits it doesn’t

40:46matter you actually feel like you can relate to them this is when somebody’s like I had my white shirt on for 15

40:53minutes and there’s already coffee on it I’m on my third shirt of the day Hello Monday like injecting that realness into

40:59an email or to a social post is like everybody’s like that’s me that’s me we’ve been there right the founder the

41:05fans the community they feel like they can relate to you the only way you can do this is by being honest and not

41:12perfect so you have to lean into not sounding generic right otherwise it’s very very hard to be relatable and

41:19connective the second thing be relational so do your donors clients fans feel seen and

41:26heard that means a two-way conversation now you may be saying how do I make a two-way conversation in a mass email you

41:33absolutely can you can ask questions you literally can ask questions and let me tell you people respond to your

41:39questions it is the best feeling in the world when you send out an email to 10 000 people and people respond to you and

41:45they take the time and it’s the best lift in the world because you didn’t have to pick up the phone you didn’t have to schedule a zoom coffee

41:51one-to-one it’s such a scalable way to your grow your organization and connect and build trust

41:57um this is the difference between talking at subscribers versus with so ask questions and a big hint on this

42:03don’t only show up in my inbox when you want something so imagine this giving Tuesday giving Tuesday giving Tuesday

42:08giving Tuesday nothing then maybe a summer update giving

42:14Tuesday giving Tuesday giving Tuesday nothing don’t do that don’t do that okay so you want to be relational you want to

42:21make sure that it’s a two-way conversation the last thing is aspirational and this is maybe one thing

42:26we kind of forget about and I feel like with non-profits it’s something I’ve seen that’s missing foreign

42:33you have your vision statement but I don’t necessarily feel like connected to

42:38it as a subscriber how are you painting the picture of what’s possible and how

42:44your programs or services are literally Paving the way to that future what is the future you even want like can we

42:50take a moment and dream together on email can you share that with me in a way that makes me feel excited and like

42:56I want to help you get there okay and another way that might show up is actively celebrating successes and wins

43:04okay and not just fundraising wins but like successes and wins I work with an organization and they give scholarships

43:11to children with disabilities who may need occupational therapy Physical Therapy things like that one of the

43:17celebrations we really talked about was this idea of the first time a child holds a spoon and can feed themselves

43:24unassisted right huge milestone for a parent what does that mean what is that

43:29celebration and it’s like that is one of those celebrations I’m like we could write a whole email about that because

43:34it’s like these tiny moments that transform families what does that mean that means the mother can eat dinner at

43:40the same time the child is eating dinner because the mother isn’t feeding the child huge win anyone who’s in occupational

43:46therapy is like yes right now right those are like the wins the win and I want to bring that up because the win

43:52isn’t always we built the building we purchased the property we you know funded the thing

43:59the winners one child holding a spoon for the first time ever right that’s a

44:05win so think about that you could write a list of wins for um for your organization what are

44:11they the big and the small so let’s kind of drill down on some topics now that we’ve put this framework

44:17together we’re in the home stretch I promise so we’ve got your thank you your educate your equip your proof your offer

44:25offer and this is leading into that call to action what is the next step you wanted you want them to take okay what’s

44:32possible and I like to think of this overview as when you go to the movies the actual Arc of seeing the movie

44:38versus when you go to the movies and you know the previews you go to see like a Disney movie and then the previews or

44:45like a horror movie A rom-com a drama and you’re like what is happening okay so I don’t want this to feel like the

44:51previews I want it to feel like the movie like The Arc of the movie is all together let’s look at some examples this is one

44:58of my easy emails students this is the live like Lou foundation and I just wanted to show like how some of these

45:03pillars and how some of these um kind of uh storytelling ideas showed up so the

45:09first thing that they did in their welcome series was very very relational and one of the things I liked here is

45:14they almost identified here’s what you can expect Welcome to our world here’s what we’re

45:20going to tell you in this email or you can say in your welcome series hey in the next few emails I’m going to be

45:26sharing X Y and Z almost letting them know here’s what you can expect equip that is the why why live like Lou

45:33they talk a little bit here about the founder famous Lou Gehrig right the American Sports icon they go into a

45:39little bit about him if you didn’t know about it they have a lot of people who do peer-to-peer fundraising right so

45:45peer-to-peer fundraising we know these are people who may not be familiar with Lou Gehrig’s right they may not so how

45:51do we talk about how do we Loop them in and that’s what they did right here Als in case you didn’t know this was this

45:57was this is what happens right and I also want to offer they they go straight to the heart which is right now there is

46:04no cure for ALS and they didn’t sugarcoat that but they’re building the community they’re building into their story why their work matters even though

46:11even though right now they’re talking about funding the research the problem they solve so this is a really well done

46:16welcome series I also wanted this to show you this one in the wild who here loves a bomba sock oh my gosh bombas is

46:25always happy to send me an email they are never worried about sending too many emails but I really did like this when

46:30it jumped out in my inbox for a few reasons I loved the picture so they say this is Ryan they said like many kids

46:38who grew up in shelters Ryan forced Ryan face extreme stigmatization at school

46:44before eventually dropping out education what’s the problem what happened and I like the way that they tell Ryan’s story

46:50here through this like almost through this um timeline and I wanted to show you this because for

46:57anyone who’s like I’m not really the the most comfortable Storyteller amazing you don’t have to be the most comfortable

47:02Storyteller pull from your memory Fox library and tell Ryan’s story tell a

47:08story of impact in a way that is through their eyes in their words as quotes as

47:13testimonials you don’t even have to fill out a story they literally it’s right here for you so I loved that piece on

47:19the educate equip this is really talking about the next step and down here they didn’t totally do it with um they talked

47:25a little bit about their proof but this would be a great place to have a visual stat of proof like you know like I said

47:30three out of four people experience blah blah or you know we have a 98 success

47:36rate or something like that great great really well done okay so let’s recap we’ve learned a lot

47:43social proof credibility markers you may also want to include those in your um in

47:49your emails you want to share the wins the testimonials use the word you often personalize do not say hi there do not

47:56say hi there say hi Christina or hello or whatever your favorite salutation is but don’t just say hi there

48:02and here’s my time hack for you you’ve already written the emails look

48:07at the top emails from the last 12 months that you’ve written yes it’s here Natalie this is it look at the top

48:13emails from the last 12 months go look at the ones that got the highest click-through rates the highest click rates highest open rates that story that

48:21juicy story that you wrote about Ryan 12 months ago eight months ago pull that

48:27adapt it so it’s Evergreen meaning it’s appropriate year-round so if you’re talking about Ryan’s story and it’s

48:33specifically leading into a call to action about October take that call to action out the meat of the story is

48:38still there and you’re going to put together your email sequence that way your email series that way you’ve already written the emails my own

48:45freebies when you opt on my list and you download a free resource for me and you go through my welcome series these are

48:52emails that I’ve written a year ago two years ago where I’m like you know what people liked that they engaged with it

48:58or I felt that this told a story that really aligns with who I am the values and what I offer this is is a piece of

49:04work that I’m going to use again I do not sit at my desk and say what should be in my email welcome series I just

49:10literally pull from the ones I’ve already written so you have those and if you’re like Christina we don’t have

49:15those on email guess where you have them you have them on social so pull the exact same story that was from an

49:20awesome Facebook post eight months ago and you’re gonna take that content take that that clip take that image and stick

49:27it into one of your pieces okay so I’m curious if you knew this did you

49:33know that your email list could be booking major donor meetings this has actually happened for several of my

49:40students in EZ emails and is the reason why I’m passionate about email marketing okay email marketing like we said

49:46develops trust these are people that are already warm when you are telling your story and you’re telling it often you

49:52get replies to emails okay you get to replies to emails for donor meetings for oh I’ve been meaning to call you oh I

49:58have a question about that and it results in things like 10K gifts this is a true story these are not unicorns

50:04these are clients that I love to celebrate so let’s dig into the last piece which is when to ask the first is

50:10don’t be scared to make an offer more than once you can wait months and months for people to ask but I don’t I think

50:17I’ve sold you on why you should ask in that sweet spot in the first 30 to 60 days

50:23and I offer and ask the next step is just an invitation hey they don’t have

50:29to make a gift but if they want to let’s let’s give them the invitation and let’s guide them to that next step it’s not a

50:35marriage proposal it is just the foundation of how they can deepen their relationship I know I’ve given a small

50:42gift to organizations just as a one-off that I actually care deeply about and it’s like I’m waiting for that next step

50:47okay what do you need how can I help so the couple of quick tips on this don’t bury the invite or offer add more

50:55than one link so in that email that fifth email add more than one link

51:01donate today add it more than once because six links in one email

51:06led to ten percent more clicks to that form and I don’t mean six links that took you to different places like our

51:12Facebook group and our donate button and our events and our volunteers I mean literally in the body of the email if

51:18there are six ways that I could click and end up on that donation form it had a 10 higher conversion rate okay so you

51:25want to make sure again we’re not burying that lead and here’s what I want you to just

51:30repeat after me because usually there’s somebody who’s like oh my God we should have been doing this years ago I feel

51:35terrible no say it with me it’s never too late okay not too late you can start this at any

51:43point you can thank somebody a year later my neighbors have been married for 14 years last year they had somebody

51:50mail them a wedding present I was like that’s amazing my neighbor uh

51:56messaged me and said hey there’s a present on our porch we’re out of town can you come grab it I said yes she said apparently it’s a wedding gift amazing

52:03you can thank somebody years later apparently 14 years later it’s never too late

52:08you can be real cheeky tell the truth on what took so long you can literally say

52:14that listen we’ve been in the weeds building out this program good news it’s it’s built out here’s what we’ve been up to I want to take this moment to

52:21introduce myself this is what I do here and I’m going to over the next couple of weeks tell you about our organization

52:26boom put him in the email welcome series it’s not too late okay if you’re also ready to crush that first time retention

52:34rate because I think we’re all ready to crush 20 is no good you’re also ready to use powerful email marketing strategies

52:41including the eepio acronym to build out those stories the content pillars to

52:47offer unapologetically and often how we feeling let’s do like a quick

52:53check-in and I like to go through all of my webinars and say what is the number one action that you want to take from this

52:59this Workshop today so pick one thing what resonated with you tell me in the chat Jessica Connie Tracy Jen I’m gonna

53:06call on you tell me in the chat what is one thing that you’re like okay I wanna I wanna do that

53:13well hey I’ll kick it off because I know what I’m gonna do right now our welcome series I have free emails and I’m gonna

53:21make it five so that’s what I’m getting the number one thing you have changed my mind I’m making it five amazing okay I

53:28love it so exciting I’m gonna drop in a couple things about how we can fast track your success this is one thing if

53:35you’re like I wish that I had templates for this I have templates I will drop in this link in the chat these are done for

53:41you templates and a little video training on how to just have a little bit more support and getting getting it

53:48done we’ll also want to offer don’t be afraid to break the rules okay there is no one right way there is no one right

53:54way there’s the way that you decide is right and I’d rather you just get into action mode than into like draft mode okay if you want some extra help on

54:02email marketing I’m going to tell you a bit about my course and if there are any questions about today’s training go ahead and drop them in the chat if you

54:10wish your returning heads and email inboxes like I know so many organizations would I want to invite you

54:15to deepen what we’ve learned today in Easy emails for impact we have a huge

54:20sale just for you guys just for a few days I will also drop that in the chat if you use code memory Fox at checkout

54:27you’ll save 40 in this in this course it is an entire year access it’s really

54:33designed to uplevel your email marketing so we go over campaign conversions how to write

54:40powerful messages in minutes we talk about the voice the vision getting your time back we talk about the data the

54:46metrics that matter which ones don’t how to build your email list we go into all of those pieces how to really get emails

54:54formatted and readable because a lot of what I’m seeing are these very very long emails we actually don’t need long

55:00emails anymore we move more short frequent emails which I find most people are relieved to hear so that it doesn’t

55:06have to be that long super long newsletter update okay we also talk

55:11about cash generating calls to action because like I said like we when you work with me one of my primary goals is

55:18visibility and revenue we can grow your Revenue we can grow your visibility then I know that we can help you achieve what

55:26it is that powerful mission and vision is down the road all right let’s see I’ve got some fun

55:31bonuses who here is using chatgpt anyone yeah yes yes so um I put I put together

55:39training on that because I was like how do we use chat GPT to help us write emails and I actually like to think of it as my assistant so that’s in there

55:45we’ve got a community Facebook group um I know we’re right kind of I’m going to go through these pretty fast Jane saw

55:52a huge transformation in both the stories she told and the frequency she

55:57had an amazing um response rate and she’s she’s really done an amazing job

56:02in sending more emails deeper deepening emails and I’m finding that it’s seeding her donors who are both individual

56:09donors and major donors throughout the year for those donor conversations um yeah so fun and I just want to offer

56:16whatever your list size is right now you actually don’t need a bigger list and this is one of the biggest aha moments

56:21and why I love email marketing is because people are already sitting on your list just waiting they’re just waiting don’t make them come out once a

56:28year for giving Tuesday make them come out year-round make them bring in their friends their family the

56:33people who you know who also could be raving supporters and fans this is Wendy

56:39she’s with live like Lou she did an amazing job and she actually had her calms and development person come in and take the course too so sometimes we see

56:45teams doing and that’s super fun all right so whatever your big action was commit to doing it take the next step if

56:52you have questions you can come reach out to me um over on Instagram or LinkedIn or

56:58wherever you like to hang out and that’s what I’ve got for you today I know that that was fast that was the fire hose not

57:05enough you didn’t give us 10 000 new tips

57:10okay of course you did I feel like I am rejuvenated I have so many new ideas to

57:15make my welcome series five emails long I love that you really broke it down so

57:21simply with the eep-o yeah cool cool I’ve never heard of that before and I

57:27was like whoa duh makes total sense so I will tell you like I used to teach storytelling and more of like the heroes

57:34style storytelling and one of the reasons why I stopped is because I

57:39thought it’s just problematic making the donor the hero and that’s kind of how that fleshes out right so it’s like the

57:47donor isn’t the hero to me the donor is a partner the donor is a is guided and I

57:53got I felt like the easiest way was just to take the hero out of the entire storytelling process and just distill it

57:59down to whenever I’m either making a purchase or making a donation I’m like what problem is this going to solve like

58:05what is the problem I have what is the solution do I believe in it like if you think about anything if you think about

58:11like a mug I’m like why did I buy this mug because I love drinking cold brew all day long but I want to make sure

58:17that it’s going to stay cold all day long and I want to make sure it’s comfortable and I want to make sure it’s a color I like problem solution it is

58:22the same way with with non-profits of like let’s just distill it down to problem solution and proof what you’re

58:29doing works so that’s that’s a bit of how I backed into it yeah I love that that is so great wow okay

58:37well like I said I took a bunch of notes I have a lot of things that I’m gonna implement

58:43shortly after getting off this webinar so I’m very excited um and I also would just love to tell

58:49you all a little bit more about memory box if everybody just wants to stand for a couple more minutes I’ll just go ahead

58:55and share my screen and hop right into it which I love that we both use canva we

59:02were also talking about that when we were getting set up today

59:08um you are a non-profit and you don’t use canva I highly highly recommend that you um consider changing

59:17okay stuff here

59:25there we go sometimes the buttons I feel like um I click where I think I’m gonna click and then something moves and it’s all

59:32good but here we go so um yeah just real quickly about memory Fox

59:39um this fits well so well into the non-profit welcome series idea because I

59:44always like to ask people um if you ask if someone asks you what is your mission can you show them

59:56and the real question is if there is a reason that you feel like you cannot show someone your mission well what’s

1:00:02stopping you and when we talk to a lot of um the nonprofit professionals that we work with find that it comes down to

1:00:09three obstacles number one people say that collecting content from your community can be like pulling teeth it

1:00:16can be just really challenging and not fun it can feel like just an extra amount of work

1:00:21next we find that people will often say that organizing the content even once they get it can be frustrating and it

1:00:27can be time consuming so maybe once you get a bunch of content you saved it uh

1:00:32some of it in your email some of it in your drive some of it on your computer and it’s just sort of a mess and it feels overwhelming when it comes to

1:00:38organization portion and then finally we hear people will say well I I collected it maybe I’ve

1:00:46organized it but you know I just need a more efficient way to share our story so

1:00:52here at memory box we actually have a solution that hits all three of those videos for you our three steps are

1:00:58collect organize and care for that exact reason because we know that your nonprofit has really great stories to

1:01:04tell just as Christina said like when you’re the one working there you know all the good work you’re doing but do

1:01:10you have the content to really show others so just digging in a little bit into our

1:01:16three steps here um we do have if you want to take a minute and see how our collection process works you can go ahead and scan

1:01:23that QR code and check out the example that we have here for you um but really the really great thing

1:01:29about our collection process is that we help you build a branded campaign that goes directly to

1:01:36create so you send this campaign directly to the person that you want to get the story from

1:01:41so they’ll open it up on their own device where they feel the most comfortable telling their story or where they have their stories will be saved

1:01:47probably on their mobile device and the really cool thing that we love about our

1:01:53product is that there’s no download you don’t have to log in there’s not there’s no there’s no way that somebody is going

1:01:58to say oh well I don’t have storage on my phone to uh download another another app I know I

1:02:04do that a lot I I will not download an app because I never have storage but for something like this you don’t need it

1:02:10and then a great thing that we offer is you capture the info from somebody up

1:02:16front and I know that can be a huge pain point

1:02:21for people once you have a story you might think oh but I’m not sure if I can use it um I’m not certain if they gave

1:02:28consent for that so we love to just collect the consent right up front so you never have to worry about that and

1:02:34then finally once someone has submitted they’ll get a redirect right back to your website so it’s seamless they can

1:02:40go back to your donation page maybe go back to your programs page maybe your impact page completely up to you

1:02:47once somebody does submit some content to your memory box campaign it is going to populate in your memory box story

1:02:54bank so Christina talked a lot about having a library a Content Library of photos videos written testimonials we

1:03:00keep track of all of that for you that is part of our organized um some tools that you can use as part

1:03:06of your story Bank we offer a tagging system so you could tag it by program by your event or maybe about how you plan

1:03:13to use content you also have the option to up to do a bulk upload so if you already have a

1:03:19bunch of content from past events hopefully you do that would be really great if you did you can just go ahead and bulk upload those right into your

1:03:25memory card survey and we also um one great thing about that is that we

1:03:31offer unlimited storage so you don’t have to be worried um like Christina was saying when you have a lot of people

1:03:36that come into your email list maybe some of those aren’t reading your emails and you don’t want to pay for them well guess what when it comes to memory box

1:03:42let’s submit all the content because we have unlimited storage

1:03:47and then in terms of sharing we offer quite a few options that’s going to help turn your content into really compelling

1:03:54pieces that you can share out actually have our own video editor that is all in memory box so you can once the

1:04:02videos are in there you can trim them you can rotate them you can push them you can put them together you can yeah I

1:04:09said trim but yeah you have all the great things that you can do with the with a video editor right without leaving the platform

1:04:17we also offer a story Builder so that is going to help you create a shareable web page that you can either embed in your

1:04:23website or you can put it in an email where people can open it up in several stories

1:04:28um there’s a lot of potential and story pages so we love those when it comes to sharing you also always

1:04:35have the option to just download the high quality original submission so for me I know I used to get at my old

1:04:41positions I used to get a lot of stories through my email but they would save too small and then they would be

1:04:47blurry and I couldn’t use them because they weren’t usable they weren’t high quality and it wasn’t it wasn’t

1:04:53anybody’s fault it just is the way that it attached the email but it really was UN you really couldn’t use it so one

1:05:00thing about memory box that you were always able to get the high quality original submission

1:05:06and then finally I know I already plugged it but we aren’t integrated with canva so when somebody does submit to

1:05:11Memory Foam your memory box campaign you are automatically going to have that populate in your canva account as well

1:05:17so it’s just gonna you don’t have to download the upload all of those things gonna populate right there

1:05:27and then I know you’re probably wondering about how our pricing system works but we believe that every

1:05:32nonprofit has great stories to tell and that’s why we offer an equitable pricing model so it’s just based on your current

1:05:38990 so I’d love it if anybody wants to connect and talk about what that might look like for you and your organization

1:05:45um head to demo where we have a QR code you can scan here and

1:05:50I’ll connect you with one of our expert storytellers that is all I have for you all today

1:05:57thank you all for sticking around and thank you all for coming Christina

1:06:04thank you for giving us like a thousand wonderful tips that we can go Implement I’m literally so excited just thinking

1:06:10about how great my welcome series is going to be how much more engaging my emails are going to be um

1:06:16yeah that’s it thanks for coming perfect timing for your end like before you do

1:06:21have the big giving Tuesday online push which you will and you’ll get those email addresses right then and there

1:06:26that is like go ahead and set yourself up for Success so yeah thanks for having me love it I love it thank you all so