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Remember, Honor, Teach: Collecting Volunteer Experiences Nationwide

Each December, as part of their year round mission to Remember, Honor and Teach, Wreaths Across America coordinates wreath-laying ceremonies at Arlington National Cemetery, as well as at more than 3,700 additional locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea and abroad.

Coordinating this meaningful annual event is no small feat. As such, it cannot be executed without the dedication of millions of volunteers across the nation. Wreaths Across America recognizes that their staff cannot be everywhere at once - but they also recognize the value of capturing the event from several perspectives. They understand the value powerful visuals have on their donors, but they faced a massive challenge when it came to collecting this amount of content at scale. That’s where MemoryFox came in.

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How did they do it? The Collect, Organize & Share Method

wreaths across america memoryfox success story collect volunteer experiences

1. Collect Volunteer Experiences

With millions of volunteers laying wreaths across 3,700+ locations throughout the country, Wreaths Across America wanted to give their helpers a simple way to capture and submit their experiences. They created a MemoryFox campaign with one open ended prompt: Share Your Experience.

organize memoryfox wreaths across america success story volunteer experiences

2. Organize Thousands of Uploads

The videos and photos began flooding in by the thousands. Thankfully, Wreaths Across America used MemoryFox’s organize tools strategically by prompting their volunteers to include their location, sponsoring organization, and captions when submitting a photo or video. What would normally take weeks to organize, occurred seamlessly in their Story Bank.

share memoryfox wreaths across america success story volunteer experiences

3. Share The Impact

The massive amount of content collected from this one day event gives Wreaths Across America stories to share across their channels all year long. Some such channels include: newsletter, website, social media channels, grant reporting, and Wreaths Across America Radio. Now, whenever they are looking for the perfect video or photo, they know exactly where to go!

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"MemoryFox makes it easy to collect thousands of pieces of content from wreath laying events across the nation. We love using this tool in support of our mission to Remember, Honor, and Teach!"

Amber Caron

Director Of Communications