How it Works

The Uplift Program provides equitable access to our storytelling resources, so that the nonprofits can bring their missions to life in an ethical way. This program empowers nonprofits to:

  • Create an Ethical Storytelling Framework
  • Demonstrate their impact and efficacy
  • Highlight community voices that have been previously underheard
  • Engage with potential donors and steward existing supporters
  • So much more!

What Grantees Receive

We build the program alongside our Uplift Funders to meet the unique needs of each foundation’s nonprofit community. Our programs generally include:

What Funders Receive

The benefits go both ways! Uplift Funders not only foster a culture of storytelling and contribute to building a resilient nonprofit community. Uplift Funders also receive:

  • 12 Month MemoryFox Subscription
  • Usage and Impact Reports
  • Realtime Visibility of Grantee Stories
  • In-Platform Sponsorship Recognition

Join the Uplift Program

MemoryFox believes the world can become a more inclusive and equitable place for everyone through the sharing of community-generated stories. We are on a journey to bring every nonprofit mission to life through thoughtful partnerships with foundations and philanthropic leaders. Give your community the storytelling platform it deserves.

Become An Uplift Funder

Connect with one of our expert storytellers to learn about the program.