Narratives With Integrity: Collect Consent With Confidence

narratives with integrity memoryfox panel collect consent with confidence

“What type of consent do we need to keep on file for videos and photos to use on our storytelling?”

“What are the best practices for a release form that empowers the storyteller while also protecting our organization?”

“What are the different strategies that we can use to collect consent from those you serve?”

“How long can we “use” someone’s consent? Is there an expiration date?”

One of the major themes that rang true throughout the entire 2023 Ethical Storytelling Report was one word: Consent. Over and over again, our expert contributors emphasized that there is no ethical way to share community stories without capturing proper consent. But what exactly does that mean, and how can nonprofits be certain they are 

Join us for the fourth installment of our “Narratives With Integrity” series – a MemoryFox Special Event on September 4th at 3 pm ET / 12 pm PT, led by MemoryFox’s Chris Miano, to discuss strategies to overcome tough questions like these with our expert panelists:

Our guests have a plethora of varied experience and knowledge about these challenging topics, and they are ready to share their strategies and insights with you.

Your questions will lead the way! The ONLY questions we will ask during the session are directly from YOU. Please submit your questions regarding how to ethically write, collect, organize and manage consent for nonprofit stories, so we can ask our expert panelists live, and get the answers you are craving.

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About the Panelists: 

Diana Farias Heinrich is CEO/Creative Director at Habrá Marketing. In 2016, Diana Farias Heinrich (she/her) quit her e-commerce project management job to go to Ghana and help women in a rural village start a sustainable, clean water business. She adopted a new mantra after this experience that changed the trajectory of her life: There is so much left to do.

After Diana’s nonprofit communications role was cut during the pandemic, she knew much was left to do to support nonprofits and that was the beginning of Habrá Marketing.

Habrá Marketing provides communications, marketing, and storytelling services for nonprofits. Nonprofits face budget and resource constraints in the critical area of communications and too often it’s left up to overburdened Executive Directors and Development Directors. Habrá alleviates that struggle with “done-for-you” marketing, communications, and storytelling services. Diana and her team take care of telling the world the incredible things their clients are doing and letting them get back to doing what they do best – changing lives and making the world a better place.

T. Clay Buck, CFRE is a dynamic speaker and teacher and an internationally recognized thought leader in fundraising and nonprofit management. He is an experienced frontline fundraiser with over three decades of leading successful individual giving programs.

Now an independent consultant and the founder of TCB Fundraising, Clay’s expertise is on the intersection of data and systems and fundraising storytelling.  He has held the CFRE designation since 2010, is an AFP Certified Master Trainer, and was recently named among the top 20 charity influencers online.  He holds the Certificate in Philanthropic Psychology, with Distinction, from the Institute for Sustainable Philanthropy.  A frequent speaker, trainer, and author, Clay makes his home in Las Vegas, Nevada where he teachers fundraising and strategic planning in the Fundraising/Nonprofit Certificate programs and graduate school at University of Nevada, Las Vegas.