Lights, Camera, Impact! 5 Tips for Great Fundraising Videos

According to Forbes, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it on video, compared to 10% when reading it in a text.

When navigating ways to fundraise, it’s critical to grab the attention of your audience and motivate engagement. And in today’s world, there is nothing more engaging than great video content. 

Quite simply – you need videos that inspire action. Creating fundraising videos has become an effective tool in today’s digital world for nonprofits to share their stories and generate support for their missions. Engaging fundraising videos need to be made with a combination of strategic planning, creativity, and sincerity. This article will discuss how to make exceptional fundraising videos that leave a long-lasting impact, and raise more funds!

5 Tips to Make Outstanding Nonprofit Fundraising Videos

    1. Consider Your Unique Audience When Crafting Content: It is essential to have a thorough understanding of your intended audience before beginning any content creation. Spend time learning their values, considering their preferences, and measuring demographic information in detail. Knowing this is essential to create a message and storytelling technique that appeals to their particular objectives.

      Whether your goal is to recruit volunteers, obtain funding, or connect with new audiences, the secret to successfully involving your viewers with video content is to match your content to their specific goals. By doing this, you can be sure that your material will not only grab their interest but also create a deep connection with them, encouraging them to take the necessary action.

    2. Use Authenticity to Create Genuine Connections: To build a genuine connection with your audience, it’s essential to use authenticity to promote trust and credibility. Being genuine should be given top priority while creating fundraising videos. To use this strategy, consider giving a voice to the people who are directly impacted by your organization and letting them tell their story. Emphasize their viewpoints and experiences to let their sincere narratives come through.

      Despite the rise of AI, authenticity continues to move viewers to action and encourages them to support your cause. Authentic fundraising videos will connect with viewers more deeply and will inspire them to support your cause again and again. 

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      1. Generate an Engaging, Impactful Narrative: Settle on one main point or idea you wish to get across first, then generate an engaging narrative that connects with your audience. Whether you decide to showcase a particular program, demonstrate the value of your latest fundraising campaign, or tackle an urgent problem in your community, make sure your narrative is crystal clear. Use storytelling strategies like authenticity, call-to-action, and success stories to assist in grabbing the attention of your audience and maintaining it throughout. By combining these narrative strategies, you can craft an intriguing story that inspires and informs your audience while enticing them to support your organization. 

      1. Captivate with Clarity & Be Concise: It’s harder than ever to catch and hold the attention of viewers in the rapid digital world of today. As such, fundraising videos must be clear and concise. Make an effort to communicate your point clearly; stay away from unneeded phrases and slang. To keep your audience interested, keep your runtime between 1 and 3 minutes. Use text overlays, images, and trendy music to improve your message, but make sure they improve rather than detract from your material. Don’t overthink it – the secret to good fundraising videos is to keep things simple! 

      1. Don’t Forget Your Call-to-Action! The most important part of your fundraising video is to encourage your viewers to take an action that makes a difference. Make sure the call-to-action (CTA) stands out and resonates enough to encourage the audience on how they can help boost its effectiveness. Consider using a range of techniques to enable quick action. Clickable links, QR codes, and text prompts are great ways to point people to your social media profiles, website, or other pages. This accommodates a range of preferences by simplifying the process and offering several channels for interaction. Emphasize the necessity and significance of their participation and how each single action—no matter how big or small—contributes to the overall goal. 

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    Great fundraising videos motivate and empower supporters by combining strategic communication, innovation, and genuineness. Your videos may have a big impact if you know who your audience is, tell real stories, and provide brief, engaging narratives with a strong call to action. By using these techniques, you can produce videos that inspire and engage viewers while also encouraging them to support your organization’s objectives, which will help to further the goals of your nonprofit and bring about long-lasting change. Make the most of the video’s ability to engage viewers more deeply and inspire them to become passionate advocates.

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    About the Author

    Jade-Lynn Beltran
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    As a marketing intern at MemoryFox, Jade-Lynn is dedicated to ethical storytelling practices. With a background in business administration marketing from San Diego State University, she brings a passion for helping nonprofits, evident through her work at MemoryFox and volunteering experiences, including coaching young cheerleaders and assisting those in need through various community initiatives. Connect with Jade-Lynn on LinkedIn.