PLANuary: Planning Your 2023 Marketing Content

We’re back for SEASON 2 of Storytelling With A Purpose! Today, our MemoryFox team chats about the best way to plan your marketing content this January – or as we like to call it – PLANuary!

In this episode, Celine Krzan is joined by Carly Euler and Jay Wess to talk about every aspect of planning your content for the year. We discuss planning, creating and making the most of your 2023 marketing content (yes, we have algorithm hacks!)

Sometimes we get so caught in telling so many different stories, but what if you just told one person’s story? One donor, one client. Simplify your storytelling this year. – Celine Krzan

Always write your content ideas down. You’ll be grateful you have it next year when you are putting your plans together. – Carly Euler

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