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Join us on March 14th or 15th for
“10 Fox Tips & Storytelling Tricks”
MemoryFox’s takeaways from The Big Innovation!

Are you looking for the BEST way to collect, organize and share stories from your community? Look no further!

In these 45 minute sessions, Natalie and Carly will discuss:

  • MemoryFox’s “Top 10” takeaways from the The Big Innovation: Nonprofit Marketing Summit.
  • How to integrate storytelling into your organization’s culture.
  • The value MemoryFox can bring to YOUR mission (especially with a 10% discount!)

As part of our partnership with the Nonprofit Marketing Summit, hosted by Community Boost, MemoryFox is offering YOU an exclusive 10% discount on a 1 year subscription.*

You heard that right – 10 tips AND 10% off! It doesn’t get any better than that.

*This discount is limited to NEW MemoryFox customers. If you have an existing account, we still encourage you to join a session. Thank you for storytelling with us!

Or, does another time work better for you? Schedule a demo now! 

How are you telling your organization’s story?

See how other nonprofits are collecting stories from their community.

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