Magnetic Storytelling: How To Tell The Right Story To The Right Audience with Mallory Erickson

mallory erickson memoryfox webinar

“Magnetic Storytelling” with Mallory Erickson, CEO of Power Partners Formula, took place February 13th at noon EST.

In this webinar, Mallory explores the strategy behind drawing people to your nonprofit mission (like a magnet!) by focusing on telling the right story to the right audience, with the goal to raise more and increase your impact.

About Mallory Erickson: Mallory helps nonprofits raise more from the right funders so they can stop hounding people for money. Through her signature framework, the Power Partners Formula™️, Mallory provides unique tools to help nonprofits fundraise more from foundations, corporate partners, and individuals. She has coached over 1,000 fundraisers using her unique win-win framework, which combines best practices from executive coaching and fundraising strategy. If you want to feel differently about fundraising as well as clear and excited about your next steps, make sure to check out Mallory’s work at

When she is not coaching others to be there best fundraising selves, Mallory is hosting the What The Fundraising Podcast, where she invites impact leaders to chat with experts in personal and professional development, to transform the way they raise money, lead their organizations and ultimately change the world.

We can’t wait to share our insights with you, and answer your questions!

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