Mission-Focused National Days for Nonprofits

It’s PLANuary! Which means it’s time to mark your calendars with with these 2023 mission-focused national days for nonprofits. We know it can feel overwhelming, and time consuming, to search the internet for every holiday you need to recognize this year. So, let us help!

First, did you get a chance to read our 2023 Nonprofit Holidays You Don’t Want To Miss? We recommend you start with this list of essential nonprofit holidays, federal holidays and some “just for fun” content.

Now, let’s dig a little deeper! The following national days are broken down by specific nonprofit categories:

  1. Healthcare & Human Services
  2. Youth & Education Focused
  3. Mental Health & Wellness
  4. Veteran & Military Families
  5. Social Justice
  6. Wildlife, Conservation & Pets
NOTE: We know there are SO many more nonprofit categories out there! This is by no means a comprehensive list – we simply tried to cover the most common categories, and chose standout holidays for each. 

1.Healthcare & Human Services

National Days for Nonprofits MemoryFox

  • International Childhood Cancer Day – February 15
  • Rare Diseases Day – February 28
  • National Doctors’ Day – March 30
  • World Autism Day – April 2
  • World Health Day – April 7
  • National Nurses Day – May 6
  • National Cancer Survivors Day – June 4 

    2. Youth & Education Focused

    • International day of Education – January 24
    • International Day of Women and Girls in Science – February 11
    • Read Across America Day – March 2
    • World Book Day – April 23

      FOX TIP: Create a staff reading list! Ask your employees to share a book that has positively impacted their life and share with your followers. Simply use MemoryFox to collect staff submissions, create a video montage on Canva, and show your followers your results! You might be surprised to learn which genre your coworkers prefer…

      • International Museum Day – May 18
      • National Higher Education Day – June 6
      • Read A Book Day – September 6 

        3. Mental Health & Wellness

        • Mind-Body Wellness Day – January 3
        • Global Wellness Day – June 10
        • World Suicide Prevention Day – September 4
        • World Mental Health Day – October 10

          4. Veteran & Military Families

          • Check out this list of Military Branch Birthdays
          • National K9 Veterans Day – March 13
          • National Medal of Honor Day – April 25
          • Military Spouse Appreciation Day – May 12
          • National PTSD Awareness Day – June 27
          • National Hire A Veteran Day – July 25

            FOX TIP: Take this day to highlight a business on your social channels that makes it a priority to hire veterans. If you are an organization that works with several organizations that fit this bill, make a video compilation of their logos and create a Reel. Be sure to celebrate their mission, explain their initiatives, and don’t forget to tag them! 

            • Purple Heart Day – August 7
            • Gold Star Mother’s Day – September 24 
            • Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day – December 7 

            5. Social Justice

            • Rosa Parks Day – February 4
            • Zero Discrimination Day – March 1 
            • International Transgender Day of Visibility – March 31
            • World Day for International Justice – July 17
            • Women’s Equality Day – August 26
            • National Coming Out Day – October 11
            • International Day of Tolerance – November 16
            • Human Rights Day – December 8

            6. Wildlife, Conservation & Pets

            • Dress Up Your Pet Day – January 14 (Need we say more??)
            • Earth Day – April 22

                  FOX TIP: Collect videos and photos from your volunteers of them enjoying their favorite outdoor activity in your community. Then, share with your followers and ask them to contribute in the comments. Your audience will love seeing you perform your mission, and you might even learn a new place to take your dog on their next walk!

                  • Arbor Day – April 28
                  • World Rainforest Day – June 22
                  • America Recycles Day – November 15 

                  There you have it! We wish you the best of luck planning your 2023 content calendar, and we hope these mission-focused national days for nonprofits help add value to your channels. We look forward to seeing you celebrate these special days.